MOMMY  STRESS RELIEF LIFESTYLE NEW IN with Sudio Sweden NIVÅ Review + Discount Code

As most of you know me, I am mother of two now. Beside of never-ending housework, I'm still running my bespoke clothing career, and a new line Green Object which talk about art of sustainable zero waste living products. Life is packed with stress of course, luckily I had found my way out. Meditation music did help [...]


October random this and that. Hardly have time to update in social media. #闹市中隐居 Daily schedule is fulled with awesome fashion bespoke projects, watercolor sketches above were idea presentation for my dearest clients for visualization. I have done 12 watercolor painting series in themed YOGA, for charity. I will make an announcement very soon... Random sampling work for [...]

LOVE IS ON WITH Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks & Lip Lacquer

Revlon’s global campaign LOVE IS ON™ complements the launch of the Ultra HD™ Lipsticks and Lip Lacquer. Revlon is in a mission to inspire love and connect with people all around the world. LOVE IS ON™ brings far more meaning to women than just being a simple tagline. It’s all about how a woman feels when she's [...]


Hearing is one of human five senses that cannot be fooled. We love quality sound when we talk about earphones. Crispy clear high tones with natural strong base from the beat, I hear them in Sudio Klang, thanks for the amazing experience from faraway Stockholm Sweden. My profession in bespoke MQ06 drive me pursuing high craftsmanship [...]

Beauty Review: Mary Cohr Catio Vital Deluxe Treatment, Firm and Lift Face Even Without Exercise

As a full-time-mom plus freelance designer cum blogger, I almost switch myself in to hibernate mode when everything done at the end of day. Seriously I don't have much energy to do any single exercise, even a 3-reap-10-times cardio whatever. I feel so bad seeing dumbbell gumball covered with dust. Motherhood is just too exhausted. [...]