A Cut Above 33 Years & Beyond

I have been asking myself, how far can I go after 33 years? Or should I asking myself, what kind of achievement will I made in 33 years? Three decade and three isn’t short, we all are witnesses of how did Winnie Loo makes her success, establishing one of Malaysia’s top hair salon group.

I was invited to celebrate 33 years of excellence with a showcase in fashionable Vogue Chic party at Mid Valley. Whole show was really awesome! Showcasing breath-taking creations, the show itself was broken into three segments; Glamour of 20’s to 40’s, edgy runway trends of nowaday with a twist and Avant Grate collection.

“Miraculous”, presented by Faevien Yee. Even this collection has been featuring in Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Pix 2012 before, it still impress me anyway. Bravo!

The expression is so good, till drives me to make them all into gif!

me in 33 years and beyond hair show.

me n datin maylene yong

edmund n me

they have a real model as backdrop display .

me n winnie loo
The best pix we are looking good, too bad both of us are looking into somewhere else..

Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion Grand Prix 2012: Miraculous by A Cut Above

This was truely an impressive hair show that I never watch before. Malaysia Hair Master Winnie Loo have so much of brilliant idea, came out with awesome styling even opposite celebrity model Amber Chia also have a jaw-drop moment with enjoying the show. (sorry, tak sempat to catch photo ><) Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your show here!

I don’t think this model able to see her steps clearly cos her upper body was trapped in a huge gorgeous net.

<Finale of the show>
Group photo session with Winnie Loo with her team, Nancy Yeoh, Jimmy Choo and sponsors.

Charity: Bald For Fund

First when I heard about Bald For Fund, I was really jaw drop! Come on, 16 brave ladies willing to shave their hair to botak bald.
Okay, you may say I’m selfish, I truly love my hair very much, so it definitely NO WAY~ :P
16 brave ladies from ages 16 to 76 made a scene at A Cut Above going bald for charity.

Homemade macarons by Petit Indulgence

Winnie Loo officially shave of Dennis Lau’s hair…

Em, add on some patterns so it won’t be bored.

Brave lady Shamaine Ho n Winnie Loo

Shamaine Ho action for charity.

Ladies, it’s time to show off your charity action!