This is my wardrobe styling for Volkswagen through overseas agent from directly from Shanghai. Thank you Pheobe. Whole project was amazing because working with bunch of fabulous young people (The one who look oldest actually one year younger than me #wtf); whole project was exciting because first meeting face to face to showtime merely 48 hrs to get all looks ready. Anyway Queenie Chamber managed to achieve it (applause for myself), thank you team!

The show was started yesterday for first batch of media, followed by tonight second batch of media and then two shows tomorrow open to public. And now I am stealing some time in the styling room blog about what are going on backstage. Some young talented artists here will be wearing some super colour-blocking looks ( these colors never exist in my wardrobe, yet.) styled by me.

queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_02 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_03 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_04 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_05 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_05aMain artists Aidin(guitarist), female vocal Aisha and super cute Sean, they really can sing man!

queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_11_ARTISTSOthers talented artist close up, we have Kaye, Jane, Jun and Michael.queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_06Please take your seats, because all models of Volkswagen will be moving around you. queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_07 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_08 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_09Video of rehearsal, you can come here tomorrow if wanna watch it for real:

queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_10Event venue located at Skypark Airport Hanger but not really the place we take our flight, its a private hanger about 15km away from there. If you want to come but cant find actual location, whatapps me (If you have my contact) I can sent you Waze location. K thx bye, is time back to work, see you all in next post.


Any shoot which planned to shoot at outdoor, I always pray for a good weather. Not too hot, not raining… Can I?

Shooting location was somewhere at Taman Bukit Indah Ampang.

And that day I was the nanny of these two fellows Daniel Booth & Alyssa.

“Oh my beg!”

Daniel’s chasing the car~

The sunny boy Daniel.

He just super loves to act! Gaya, no?

Queenie Chamber with Tuan Hashinda.
* Outdoor shoot which also means you better cover yourself or else sunburned. Bluek!

So sunnies up…

Even that, it still rained heavily and everybody wet like chicken.

Here’s the final outcome, enjoy:

* I discover a super fat cat near the pool, her butt is about triple size of her head. ><lll

This is another tvc wardrobe styling I have done recently. Yes, tvc shooting took long hours a day. I woke up from 5am in morning, step back home only at 3am. Yes,it was a 22 hrs long shoot.

First location was shoot at girl school somewhere nearby beautiful mosque.


Our main talent, she’s a sunshine happy girl.

Second location was at Shah Alam: A stylish home owned by malay, with a pet cat Abdul.
Pls notice: they built a roller shutter at the staircase. ><lll

Shooting in progress, I’m kacau somewhere behind.

me n emi fazlina, the talent acting mum role.

Here’s the outcome. tvc directed by Henry Ooi, enjoy~

This is my wardrobe styling job for Wyeth SP-26 PE Gold TV Commercial Ads.

beautiful shooting location at Glenmarie Cove

I am the lai ma baby sitter of the day, this cute boy giving 0% cooperation. ><

He told our director Henry Ooi: I wan to c u in the screen…

me n beautiful Australia talent Jade
Sorry lar, woke up from 5am in the morning, I have no time for make up. :P

Here’s the final TVC: