We all know Gianni Versace was murdered in Miami few days after Presentation of Couture Collection at July 1997. That remarkable show changed the direction of Gianni into more darker and modern vision of gothic. Fifteen after show, the Fall 2012, I can see it clearly Donatella face her demon, ramped up Gianni unrealised promise to the peak. I’m totally in love with this collection, blending gothic beauty into modern outfit. Here’s some of my favor look!

She-bang gothic dangerous beauty by Donatella.

The stiff beauty in Versace gown, beautifully live in the modern armor corset.

Armor gown structured defined by pieces of silver panel, she is ready for battle!

Take a closer look it the must for major luxury brand!

Yalar, sometimes I’m quite fancy with detail beadwork too, it look yummy for me. :)

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It’s finally here! I have been waiting this collection for so long time. I believe everyone so excited for H&M collaboration, it’s definitely a pricing-friendly Versace collection.

I love the clean & minimalist- Versace dress so much, so wearable & practical. :)

Studs is the major elements of collection, forming patterns of lines, sea shells… Donatella studs all over the collection~

The mood if set in romantic pastel colours.

Donatella surprise me once again with Lucite platforms,  just like stepping-in-the-air… Staring at it one more seconds will definitely stop my breathe… oh lovely… :)

Milan Fashion Week
Versace Spring 2012

There’s definately a page worth to record in a book of fashion history when music icon Lady Gaga meet fashion icon Gianni Versace. She declared in early June that she will only wearing Versace for the next two months. Sounds cool! Vintage print scarf, bandage like strape and studs leather are shown in Lady Gaga 80’s inspired music video, The Edge Of Glory. Lady Gaga brings vintage Versace alive!

 Lady Gaga in vintage silk top from Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 1991.

The other look in music video: I am not sure this outfit from vintage or custom Versace Atelier, but leather studs detail pretty much alike with Versace Spring/Summer 1992 (below).

Supermodel Yasmeen Ghauri in Versace Spring/Summer 1992.

Lady Gaga wore silk print blouse from Atelier Versace Spring/ Summer 1992 during French TV Show Taratatà.

Lady Gaga wearing Custom Atelier Versace performing at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards

Hungry for Vintage Versace? Here’s the  Gianni Versace Spring-Summer 1992 Pret-a-Porter, enjoy~ :)