I Love Union Jack + Style Of The Day + BFF ROM

British flag has been given a beautiful name Union Jack. It symmetrically balance in proportion, primary colors arranged in place, yes mum, it is very beautiful. Designers love it deadly, its been widely applied in lots of THING, like the famous this. The catchy thing on my shoulder, I grabbed it immediately from Pull & Bear when … Continue reading I Love Union Jack + Style Of The Day + BFF ROM

Celebrate Bastille Day @ 128 Faubourg by Sothys

I was invited to 128 Faubourg to experience "All-Things-French" as they celebrate Bastille Day (French National Day). Oh yeah, Sothys was from Paris. :) All French delights~ <Celebrate a life of colorful skin radial with 128SkinXpert. > My private session with 128SkinXpert, analysis my skin condition. Lack of sleep and addicted to caffeine are my bad habits, I expect the result … Continue reading Celebrate Bastille Day @ 128 Faubourg by Sothys

Starbucks Opening 50% Disc

Meeting Rav for recently catch up at homely place aka Starbucks. Is really good when we have somebody to yell to tell to scream when you are stressed out. A new outlet opened at TTDI, where offered us a very special rate of 50% discount (beverage) during happy hour 5-8pm, happy? Tempting evil waving their hands … Continue reading Starbucks Opening 50% Disc