Style Pick: Donna Karan Spring 2012

For the next year spring summer, prints still going on, tribal print as well. Donna Karan been travelling  to Haiti (post earth quake country) last year, thus earth tone cover most of this collection. Myself, tribal print is not my favor, it’s going to be off-season very soon. I have my eyes on this clingy body-loving jersey dress! Off-shoulder designer’s micro-pleated jersey dress stunning as well!

Showtime babe~

And listen what did Donna Karan say…

“If you got great legs, wear shorts!”
So do you?

Food Review: Bff Roadtrip Hunting Breakfast at Ipoh (Part l)

Last time we went to Ipoh try out the famous Fu Shan Din Sum Restaurant. This time we decided to try out opposite Ming Court DimSum Restaurant. Overall food quality defnately can fight opposite one, lower price and the best part is low MSG. :)

Full house!!! We got nothing to do while waiting for table,  so camwhoring around with mirror.

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum
Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Close On Every Thursday

Four of us eat super full only RM70+~
*Yong Shi ur bill upside down.


This is another famous spot in Ipoh: Funny Mountain Soyabean & Tou Fu Fah. I heard that it always take you long time queue up to buy. Since we went there quite early, so there’s no one there yet. Both soyabean & taufufah really not bad.

Tau Fu Fah (Soybean Curd) @ RM0.80 / USD0.20 per bowl
Soybean drink and Grass Jelly drink @ RM0.80 per glass.

Funny Mountain Soybean & Traditional Tau Fu Fah
49, Jalan Theatre,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 016 595 0369, 05 546 9968, 012 516 1607


How can we miss out Nam Heong Oldtown white coffee everytime stop by Ipoh? I got a weird habit to try out all coffee spot where ever I go. I love to bring my Starbuck tumbler takeaway one portion from here, another portion from opposite Sun Yin Loong (also original Ipoh old town white coffee), to compare who still remain the level. If you are sweetened lover, can try Nam Heong; for those love bitter taste, can go for Sun Yin Loong.

Egg tart stall in Nam Heong Coffee Shop, all are freshly made! Yummy…

Nam Heong Coffee Shop
No. 2, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 605 243 7177

Okay, finish breakfast, here we go for our next destination: Cameron Highland!
(to be continue…)

Movie marathon

It has been a while I didn’t have time to enjoy movie on big screen. I decide to have a movie marathon continuously 3 days! I take it as a small break before jump into next project.


Day 1

It was a sudden decision, so I enjoy this movie alone. The movie is about girls story, girls mind, girls stuff, girls world, suitable to watch with your girls. A good movie always make you think! And is time to tune your mind with positive and optimistic mindset if you are the one who always complaining about your life. Good one!

Day 2

My boyfriend YS is a hardcore person, so normally we don’t watch pussy movie together. This is her option tonight: Contagion. Well, I always follow her as I’m a so-considered-girlfriend.

Frankly, I’m quite disappointed after watching. They hast A-list actors but lousy storyline. I’m Gwyneth Paltrow fans but she died in the beginning! What the…Besides, whole movie was so so bored, I heard lots people yawning.  Obviously this is not a good option for Friday night, it spoiled our mood!

Two shit faces after Contagion!

 Finally chilling session brought us alive~ :)


Day 3 (l)

Mr Mok was forced to watch this by my overbearing manner.The smurf was the great part of my childhood memory. So does Mr Mok, we all are 80s borned babies. The 2011 version brought both of us back to childhood memory. Thumbs up for the smurf! Trust me, you will walk out cinema with smiling face.

I smurf you!


Day 3 (ll)

Okay, this is another bad decision. Who ever haven’t watch, please don’t go. You doesn’t prepare yourself to watch a boring documentary on big screen, don’t you? Yes, Apollo 18 never exist in the Nasa, so just let it be, cos Apollo 18 not suppose to appear in cinema as well.

What I figure it out after watching the movie, that’s all about Gonzalo López-Gallego metaphors Nasa covers up the truth what astronaut get on the moon. So skip the movie, visit directly. Yawn~

not-going-to-step-in-cinema-in-short-term queen