Style Pick: Donna Karan Spring 2012

For the next year spring summer, prints still going on, tribal print as well. Donna Karan been travelling  to Haiti (post earth quake country) last year, thus earth tone cover most of this collection. Myself, tribal print is not my favor, it’s going to be off-season very soon. I have my eyes on this clingy body-loving jersey dress! Off-shoulder designer’s micro-pleated jersey dress stunning as well!

Showtime babe~

And listen what did Donna Karan say…

“If you got great legs, wear shorts!”
So do you?

Movie marathon

It has been a while I didn’t have time to enjoy movie on big screen. I decide to have a movie marathon continuously 3 days! I take it as a small break before jump into next project.


Day 1

It was a sudden decision, so I enjoy this movie alone. The movie is about girls story, girls mind, girls stuff, girls world, suitable to watch with your girls. A good movie always make you think! And is time to tune your mind with positive and optimistic mindset if you are the one who always complaining about your life. Good one!

Day 2

My boyfriend YS is a hardcore person, so normally we don’t watch pussy movie together. This is her option tonight: Contagion. Well, I always follow her as I’m a so-considered-girlfriend.

Frankly, I’m quite disappointed after watching. They hast A-list actors but lousy storyline. I’m Gwyneth Paltrow fans but she died in the beginning! What the…Besides, whole movie was so so bored, I heard lots people yawning.  Obviously this is not a good option for Friday night, it spoiled our mood!

Two shit faces after Contagion!

 Finally chilling session brought us alive~ :)


Day 3 (l)

Mr Mok was forced to watch this by my overbearing manner.The smurf was the great part of my childhood memory. So does Mr Mok, we all are 80s borned babies. The 2011 version brought both of us back to childhood memory. Thumbs up for the smurf! Trust me, you will walk out cinema with smiling face.

I smurf you!


Day 3 (ll)

Okay, this is another bad decision. Who ever haven’t watch, please don’t go. You doesn’t prepare yourself to watch a boring documentary on big screen, don’t you? Yes, Apollo 18 never exist in the Nasa, so just let it be, cos Apollo 18 not suppose to appear in cinema as well.

What I figure it out after watching the movie, that’s all about Gonzalo López-Gallego metaphors Nasa covers up the truth what astronaut get on the moon. So skip the movie, visit directly. Yawn~

not-going-to-step-in-cinema-in-short-term queen

My Vogue Magazine Collection: Polka is new black, polka is not a new dot.

Polka dot will be one of main trend in coming fall/winter 2011. Fashion always like this, the best thing will keep repeating again and again. This fashion spread wasn’t new, Keira Knightley featured in Vogue cover in May 2006. Yeap, it was five years ago issue, but I’d love to share with my readers. :)

“I would love to be able to say, ‘Yes this is my style, and this is who I am’ ”

“She doesn’t vamp at being a sex goddess. To be so beautiful and yet so unaware of it I find incredibly modern” Vera Wang

Season Picks: My favor for Fall/Winter 2011

Trend of Spring/Summer almost end, Fall/Winter are ready on rack. Even though three hundred sixty five days in Malaysia are hot hot hot, there’s impossible for us to put on majority favor. Arghh,I love trendy trench coat and boots so much!Is okay, aim for the right stuff, minor changing without big damage to wallet will put you in Fall mood too. Here’s some Queenie’s favors pick for the new season!

Colors tone-down in fall winter compare with spring summer. Black always the best to slim you down in seconds. Wear sexy stilettos to match this Bottega Veneta Silk-blend lace bustier dress, killer piece for your dating! Unnecessary thick fabric, light weight like satin, laces & chiffon create winter’s mood if you match them right. :)

Scarf, a great acessories to create a ‘warm-stylish-chic look’ yet not too hot. Monotone like this Burberry Cashmere scarf goes well with any colours.

What else make you look chic instanstly other than sunshade? They are panda eyes & eyes bags’ best friend too! Alexander Wang Zip-effect D-frame acetate sunglasses

This is so sexy, Alexander Wang Leather-trimmed tulle shirt ! But make sure you wear something in it before stepping out your house~ :P

Another wardrobe essential piece, Thakoon Gathered Front Dress! Plump ladies like me, front gathers cutting always hide your tummy well, define your waist with thin belt, match it with stylish jacket and ankle boots!

Wearing leather’s too hot for your body? Nevermind, let your Iphone wear it. Dolce & Gabbana Leopard-print patent-leather iPhone 3G sleeve

Great texture mixing of zipper, leather and knit! Missoni Leather-trimmed striped bracelet. Now you wrist may look warm. :)

Knee boots may be too muggy in Malaysia, ankle boots are just right for cool style. I have my eyes on Alexander McQueen Buckled metallic leather ankle boots!