Mad Hatters Night Of Fashion

Fashion gone mad at the Mad Hatters Night Of Fashion at Pavilion Pit Stop on 22 March 2012. This show presented to you by Fahrenheit88 with A8, Bare Face, C&E, Carlo Rino, Da Louis, Diva, Dressy, Epese, Fabiano Ricco, Folli Follio, Hat Attack, Heatwave, Muse Accessories, Opera, Porgie & Co.

We both dressed up based on dress code of “impressive hats and headpieces”.

Paris Winter 2012: CHANEL !

<Karl Lagerfeld: Nature’s the greatest designer>

I love the live size crystal using as backdrop decor!
I love the eyebrow, by Lesage!

I love crystal clutch!

I love crystal bangles!

…and also the crystal heels.

DIY : Bag Holder

Project  • Bag Holder

For those ladies who store your handbag in hanging way, I bet most of you must be quite frustrated when your beloved handbag handle run out of shape. Especially those narrow hook type, it will definitely hurt the material surface. I have been headache on it too. Here’s the solution I found out to solve  this problem.

You might need a drill on this DIY project. for screwing the cap to the door/ cupboard when you wish to hang your collection of bags. Just like photo above.

I’m using spray bottle cap, cos I have a lot. :)

Of course there are a lot of alternate options, observe around, see what can be recycled!

Just use your creativity, DIY can be fun!