For some reason women don’t want a child because of running out of shape. Saggy bum and loose tummy are bonus after birth of Lauren I admit. No pain no gain, there ain’t no shortcut other than workout! I believe mom’s life is extremely busy especially for those who need to work. Workout? I bet most of mom will tell me NO TIME! Neither do I, I didn’t hire nanny, I’m a breastfeeding mom, I need to cook sometimes and I need to work too… After whole day schedule I’m totally exhausted. Instead of squeeze out some time (mostly failed), I try to fit some simple workout into my lifestyle.



I found out SQUAT, a simple exercise that able to builds muscles in entire body. In fact, when squat done properly, it’s so intense that they trigger the release of testosterone and human growth hormone in our body. Overall, squat improves both upper and lower body strength. Ladies would love to hear this: Gaining muscles will burn additional fats. Let’s hurray for this! Needless to say, squat tone our backside, abs and entire body!

Hence I squat when brushing my teeth,
I squat when pumping my breast milk (a bit crazy I know),
I squat while waiting for water to boil,
I squat during make up…

Instead of squeeze out some ten minute that rarely happen, why don’t I just fit in the exercise into daily basic routine?Every woman want that shape back after gave birth but it never happen within finger click. It takes time, and I have to say again THERE IS NO SHORTCUT. What people see me QUEENIE YOU NEVER CHANGE AFTER BIRTH OF LAUREN, outsider will never knows how much effort I put on my diet and workout. Ladies, lets work it out together for a better figure! We all can make it.

20140607_123016AI’m wearing Uniqlo Lifewear Camisole and Reebok training trouser for my comfy home workout session.


Why I choose Uniqlo Airism Lifewear?

Airism is a revolution technology that releases heat quickly from our body. Garments made with cupro, a kind of breathable fiber that comes from cotton linter. This is totally a breakthrough achievement made in collaboration with Asahi Kasei and Toray.

Airism is made from special kind of fabric processing ensures the source of odors, such as perspiration, is adsorbed and neutralized. At least I’m not that smelly when I hug Lauren.

The stretchable fabric pleasant me with its hug. The soft and smooth garment is so comfy till I forgot I’m wearing something sometimes.Oops..

For more information about Uniqlo, please visit official web or download UNIQLO app to your mobile for some exclusive deal.


Dogathon 2011 is the 15th annual event organised by The Students’ Society of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zoologico Club & UPM. The run started about 8am, it’s definately for me toooooooooooo early for me on Sunday.  I suppose woke up at 6am, oh yeah, I over slept, neither my dogs came to wake me up even they know we will go gai gai the next day… End up, we miss the run.

McChloe was tied with a number tag at the entrance.
McChloe: Call me Miss L265~ :)My girl starting show her bad temper when we reach there, 0% of cooperation…
“No, I’m not going to move any single inch…”

Dogathon definately the great place to meet new whoofy-friends.

She dun wan to move at all, we end the day with this pose.

McChloe: This is the first, the last and probable the only Dogathon I join in my life, please don’t wake me up next year mom!