Good Food + Good Place = B.I.G. Ben’s Independent Grocer At Publika

Last two weeks, B.I.G. introduced Ben’s Independent Grocer in two-days-food -festival aka The Big Big Weekend. The Big Group owner, Benjamin Yong wanted to inspire every foodie in town with their offerings, and I think he made it because I totally change my perspective after visit B.I.G supermarket. You definitely must visit once at least if you never been there before.

Awesome place for the big weekend.

Get your coupons here, majority of food are sold in pretty cheap price, RM5 to RM10.

Coupons & badge
If you buy RM50 coupons, you can get a coffee & candy fross for free.

2 badges can turn me into ultra-women.

These roast chicken are good…

Hotdog in bun for 10 bucks!

If you come with a group of friend, this basket may suit you. RM250 for a picnic basket included all items like pix above.

Beverage booth.

Okay I start sapu deli yummy food, this tempting brownies for RM5 only~ @@

Food portion ain’t small, so we share! Sharing is loving. Can you imagine half of hot dog equal to my palm size.

Definitely can’t miss out Heineken for 10 bucks only. Since I need to drive back home, I limited myself to one bucket 5 bottles only. How I wish somebody fetched me there…


coco rabbit n me

We are too full, lying on the bean bag…

Oh ya, bull-riding for entertainment.

Chris , Coco Rabbit n me

We have a family joined us half way, meet gorgeous Rachelle and her beautiful kids.

Didi way’s smile…

me, andrew, coco rabbit, chris, rachelle, kids

rachelle, coco rabbit n me

All of the guest given a copy of group photo, is FREE. :)

This is mine.

Is bed time for kiddo so the family left early. We continue beer-ing with jazz band, and also cam-whoring, hehe…

candy fross wannabee

tear it~

The place too cozy till some guests lying on the floor.

Pose with heneiken.


Okay, is canvassing time. I have take part in Uniqlo Style Hunt Contest.
So Can I borrow your finger a while for doing a clicking stuff? Please log in here to vote for me~
Thanks a lot for your support *take a deep bow*

Swap Party at The Bee Publika

I went for Swap Party at The Bee, Publika yesternoon. We encourage to pick maximum fives pieces of unwanted things, probably need to be rehome for exchange. It can be cothes, accessories, home decor… but it must be in good condition. I was given five tokens when I dropped my five exchange items. All guests was offered a cup of coffee, we can pick any flavor from menu, sounds great right?

All stuffs are for swapped purpose, go pick ur favor and exchange with token.

Okay, I pick book and book, reading is good. It never stink your mind…

Our choices of:
cotton print scarf
bead necklace

couldn’t find any suitable, I only pick three items. Toy and bead necklace are Pei Khoon’s choice.

Here are our coffee, ice latte and my all time favor Americano.

Swapping the unwanted to wanted, actually is good because we are recycling…

Pei Khoon n me

Blogger Sneak Preview: Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2011 Festival

Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2011 is about to start officially from tomorrow by media press. Here’s some sneak preview I would like to share with my readers, for those who luv art & design. If you are interested with whole week rundown, please check the programme here. Aaaaannd here is some of my highlight!

Me n the designer from Tiki, he’s a nice person to talk with. Pls visit his booth and he will share his story with you.

Beautiful namecard from


Graffiti artist Kenji absolutely the sparkling talent. I can’t keep my eyes off his graffiti. I knew he’s rushing cos tomorrow deadline to set up everything before exhibition. He still so kind to layan me, the annoying camwhore blogger with his patient, explain each artwork…

I love his art so much!


Yup, the famous Dweey also one of the exhibitor.

The giant babe from Miif and me~ ^^

I got my cute yet practical door gift , a panda bookmark~ Perfect for a bookworm!

ARTSHIRT: When T shirt become a walking canvas…
I love their quote. :)
Reportfolio Republic Studio

Okay, now I’m in another artwork paradise. Can you believe those nice stuff surround me all done by student? They are all potential artist to-be in future. :)
S.U.S Design Center




Jalan Dutamas 1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia