< PART I : Best Gift for Christmas 2013 >

I was so exciting when I knew there is a little one in my bump. Life is totally changed after all, my brain can’t stop figuring what can I do to wait for his/her arrival in this world. Christmas just around the corner, I used to plan how will I spent these fabulous festival season for myself. But now, my whole world spinning around the bump. I have been thinking of designing something name after him/her, but my previously world has nothing to do in baby’s world. Baby don’t need fantastic fashion stuffs.

Next year is a horse year in Chinese zodiac. I lost an old horse early this year (my dad passed away early this year and he was a horse), I never thought I will bring a new horse family member next year. Hence I came out with this idea, a collection of 12 pieces PONY to CELEBRATE soft toy name after my baby bump. Eleven of them available for sales, and one of them is not for sales (Only my child will have it! :P ) Having a pony is a blessed, the bless of mother to her baby. Each of pony is handmade with love in limited piece. Beside of selling them out, I have reserved one set for this year Christmas Charity Donation (please read the meaningful PART 2 in this post later.) Okay now lets have a look of my pony collection, each of them is uniquely, so do our children…

The only pony with wings, oh ya, normally we called it Pegasus. :)
(Material: PU & Cotton)
All ponies are made in one standard size 24cm tall, 18cm long and 8cm width.

02Red Hair Pony
Material: Corduroy

Christmas 2013 Pony
Material: Poly Cotton
Flower Pony
Material: Cotton

04Jail Break The Pony
Material: Velvet & PU Knit
05Black Lacey Pony
Material: Cotton

08Checker Pony
Material: Cotton

11Fury Pony
Material: Polyester

Silver Pony
Material: PU Knit

07Pop Art Pony
Material: Cotton

12Titanium Pony
Material: PU Leather


The Bad Hair Day Pony will only made for my little one, not for sale. :)

PONY to CELEBRATE soft toy is a pre-order collection, Queenie Chamber Popupstore is now giving out FREE shipping (within Malaysia) & FREE wrapping service during Christmas promotion. The beauty of ordering my collection is not just filling up your own mailing address but also your loves one, which means you can buy PONY to CELEBRATE soft toys and I wrap in nicely sent it out as Christmas presents to the doorstep of your love one. Please click here to place your order.

20131201_112830PONY to CELEBRATE is now available to order through partner stockist Simplylife Yoga ( Rivercity, Jalan Ipoh)


<Part ll : Calling Pre-Love Toy for Charity Donation >

As I mentioned earlier, I have reserved a set of  PONY to CELEBRATE soft toy for charity donation to orphanage. I have a picture of future that my kids will be shower with tons of love after born, and I’m pretty sure about parents who are reading my post right here will do the same to your kids too (no matter kids or furkids). But there are a bunch of unfortunately somewhere in orphanage who might never receive even a small gift before.

So, I’m here not to beg for big bucks but just some second hand toys for donation. Do you have some toys that you might never want to play anymore? Hope you can dig something out from cupboard, clean them and spread some love to the orphans. Of cos you are welcome to buy my PONY to CELEBRATE soft toy as donation too. I will collect pre-love toys and wrap them nicely before sent out to orphanage. You might wanna know where will I sent them out, well is depend on how many toys can I get it here, then decision will be made and announce after.

There are some stations you can sent your pre-love toys to:
PJ area ( One Utama/ SS2/ Tropicana): Whatapps me 012 278 1181 let meet up at some landmark and pass to me.
Kepong area (Sri Damansara/ Aman Puri/ Manjalara) : You can pass to La Castle Restaurant.
Jalan Ipoh area: You can pass to Simplylife Yoga.

Christmas is season full with love, lets spread them out together!


Having a fourteen years long relation with my another half, finally we decided to have our first kid now. I have been given lots of freedom at my 20s and now is time to moving forward to another chapter. I ain’t young no more, em… for age of 32 isn’t pretty late to have my first baby. I felt so grateful having a new life in my belly now.

Life is about to give and take. Been listening lots of moaning from bff around, having a kids a huge commitment. Losing freedom, losing own time, losing shape bla bla bla never stop me felt a wistful longing for a child. Some of my friends might notice and ask me: Hey you have been less active in public event for a while Queenie! Yes, I was suffering in morning sickness at early stage of pregnant, and I couldn’t eat much. Rest is the main key of daily life, and also I gotta say no to all kind of sponsored invitation…

drx lipo

No alcohol (omg, I can’t imagine I vomit when I smell my favor Guinness now!), no smoking ( em, I don’t smoke anyway), less chemicals applied on me. Nowadays you might see me grocer shopping nearby house area with bare face. My another half turned in to alarm when clock hits 11pm at night keep repeating: Go bed now! Don’t ever thinking about browsing fb or try to comment, or else I’ll receive some kind of msg instruct me: Wei go sleep now lor! Thanks for all your love. :)

Based on Chinese zodiac next year is a horse year, I’m so excited now can’t wait to see my little pony around March 2014. No matter boy or girl, he/she definitely a little pony to celebrate in my life…

pegasus 1