A Cut Above Academy Official Grand Opening Party

A Cut Above all started in a small little space at a building downtown back in the 70s. It was in Wisma HLA that founder and Chief Creative Director – Winnie Loo hung the first A Cut Above signage. Years have since passed and without having to say it, A Cut Above has grown into a giant chain in the hairdressing industry.

In the three decades, Winnie Loo has recruited and trained over a thousand employees, having turned them into some of the most sought after hairdressers and stylists in the industry. With a passion for education, the company churned out the inaugural A Cut Above Academy in 2004. “It was always my ambition not to only create jobs for the young potentials but also my belief in guiding them personally to ensure that they have a great foundation and career in this line of work that they have chosen,” she said.

Slowly the academy grew. With dedication and commitment, today, A Cut Above Academy not only enrolls local students but have seen foreign students passed through their doors, some of which from as far as the Middle East, and Africa not forgetting within the region. This year, after eight years in Sunway Pyramid, A Cut Above Academy has now moved to a bigger location in order to cater for the growing crowd of potentials who seek a successful career in the hairdressing/make up industry.

Amazing avant-garte hair piece from A Cut Above Academy.

The back- We must not the important cos this may be the most interesting part of the show.

Another beautiful piece that I love.


<A Tribute To Vidal Sassoon>

Finale group photo.

Here’s the finale video recorded by using my Samsung Galaxy Note:

Ribbon cutting ceremony.

Celebrities and Miss Malaysia invited to attend to this grand event.

Amber Chia lovely son.

me n prince edmund

me, prince edmund n alan

Till my flash batt died, I couldn’t take any proper photo in the dark room.
me, manne n friend. (copyright credit to leon ng)

beautiful Datin Maylene n me

me n luxanne

me n forest

me, Koujee Beatbox n manne

me in MQ06 Bespoke Collection

My Travel Story Chapter 5 : Fantasy Of A Kingdom

FantaSea, a must-watch cultural illusion theater show in Phuket. It was inspired by colorful Thai heritage “Fantasy Of A Kingdom”. Overall story line was written well, beautifully choreograph and I was truly amazed by it four dimensional special effects.

There were tons of great scene I would like to share, unfortunately no camera are allowed to bring in the theater. It wasn’t about : Please off your mobile during show time, but set up a security counter before entry gate. Four of us, four DSLR camera and four mobile phones included my Note that never left me even bedtime, all recording stuffs were stayed in the security counter during showtime. Definitely very strict security WTF.

Palace of the Elephant Theater

Four heads at Phuket FantaSea.

Four heads at tickets collecting area, the ceiling was amazingly crafted!

Look at the kinda-crazy-artistic ceiling and drop you jaw now~

Two heads are camwhoring.

Guess what? This is a portable air-cond, beautifully hide inside.
Firstly I thought it was some decor piece for display purpose.

Upgrade to gold seat for additional 250 baht?
Our normal seat cost 1,900 baht (show + buffet dinner).

This was the last photo before enter theater, we have to left our gears here:
Babe, wait for mummy here don’t go anywhere. I will be back!


*no pix for show*

We support origin, go watch in theater.


Self camwhoring outside the Elephant Theater.

Elephant for ride or photo, they are very cute actually.

Please check  Phuket FantaSea official website for further detail.

Parkson 25TH Anniversary: Summer Breeze Party

First, I would like to start this post with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Parkson, a path of quarter century wasn’t easy to made!
Okay, when it comes to Friday night event, it has an equal meaning to : I will be late. I can’t make it on time always, even it was just took me half an hour for a quick change after work. I can only left office when everything done. Alright, I reached there at the end of show. Sorry for no show pix here, if you are interested for Spring Summer show, please visit Parkson FB page while they have lots of quality image there. :)

Celebrity emcee Bernie & Liang… from far.

Plenty of mini decor plant for guests. I didn’t grab any home, cos their fate will be dry to death, I admit I am not a plant kaki.

Get bravo drinks from him, and rock your body in great beat from her (pix below).

Beautiful DJ Patricia K

me n coco rabbit

Thanks for Parkson goodies. Look, I’ve got this!

Oh ya, I was in MQ06 Bespoke long black dress from yrs ago collection.
Myself love classic dress very much ,which will last your investment for years long.
This is the show runway pix, bespoke yours if you like this as well.

Ten Minute Before Super GT 2012 Qualifying

I knew Queenie Chamber nothing to do with car racing, but who don’t love super car and hot chic? Like me if you like them as well. *Thumbs up* Pix below was taken ten minute before qualifying at 9th June 2012. All super car are about to roar the track. All media are given only ten minute to grab your favor shots. Okay, I shaddap here and enjoy~

Photo credit to DG PHOTOGRAPHY

I knew I block the car (up pix), and now I reveal you his real face. :P

More posts coming very soon…
This post is made possible to you by Denso.
Please check Super GT official web for more detail.

Good Food + Good Place = B.I.G. Ben’s Independent Grocer At Publika

Last two weeks, B.I.G. introduced Ben’s Independent Grocer in two-days-food -festival aka The Big Big Weekend. The Big Group owner, Benjamin Yong wanted to inspire every foodie in town with their offerings, and I think he made it because I totally change my perspective after visit B.I.G supermarket. You definitely must visit once at least if you never been there before.

Awesome place for the big weekend.

Get your coupons here, majority of food are sold in pretty cheap price, RM5 to RM10.

Coupons & badge
If you buy RM50 coupons, you can get a coffee & candy fross for free.

2 badges can turn me into ultra-women.

These roast chicken are good…

Hotdog in bun for 10 bucks!

If you come with a group of friend, this basket may suit you. RM250 for a picnic basket included all items like pix above.

Beverage booth.

Okay I start sapu deli yummy food, this tempting brownies for RM5 only~ @@

Food portion ain’t small, so we share! Sharing is loving. Can you imagine half of hot dog equal to my palm size.

Definitely can’t miss out Heineken for 10 bucks only. Since I need to drive back home, I limited myself to one bucket 5 bottles only. How I wish somebody fetched me there…


coco rabbit n me

We are too full, lying on the bean bag…

Oh ya, bull-riding for entertainment.

Chris , Coco Rabbit n me

We have a family joined us half way, meet gorgeous Rachelle and her beautiful kids.

Didi way’s smile…

me, andrew, coco rabbit, chris, rachelle, kids

rachelle, coco rabbit n me

All of the guest given a copy of group photo, is FREE. :)

This is mine.

Is bed time for kiddo so the family left early. We continue beer-ing with jazz band, and also cam-whoring, hehe…

candy fross wannabee

tear it~

The place too cozy till some guests lying on the floor.

Pose with heneiken.


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