Mifa 2011: Wanderlust Swimwear

I was late for YODA Autumn Gala. This year Mifa’s venue is ridiculous small for Kuala Lumpur yearly grand event. I could only enter backstage for some privilege behind the scene shots. Here’s you are the Wanderlust swimmer show, one of the sexy show of the night, enjoy!


wedding banquet + seremban crab

A list of car go pick up the far-away bride: Journey started from Port Dickson to Melaka~

bride & groom with the hengdais~

but the banquet located at Seremban…

me, ying li, khai n my hubby

A trip to Seremban, needless to say, we must try out the famous Seremban baked crab.

Can you see how giant the crab is? Comparison of my finger with the claws!

Its taste so yummy with special made chili sauce.

Seremban Seafood Village 芙蓉燒蟹海鮮村
3720-3724, Jalan Tuanku Munawir, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Contact 06-7641260

Weekend Great Escape: salty . muddy . easily

I off to Port Dickson last week for attending friends wedding banquet. Hence, I got an excuse to put work aside, give myself two days rest. :) Those muddy beach can’t beat white sandy beaches at Redang, yet it’s still refreshing for me when smell the scent of salty sea…

The groom rent all of us a guest house at this lovely beach.

I met fury friend Shadow, a black labrador retriever opposite the guest house.

2 days rest give me a boost when back to work… :)

Mifa 2011: Bernard Chandran

Dato’ Bernard Chandran Mifa show was really impressive! It was a solo show of the third Mifa night. Even crowded have been waiting so long yet show ended so fast. I bet all the audiences must be satisfy with Dato’ creation. :)

finale l

finale ll

Bernard invited his daughter on stage for a bow~

That’s me and good night world.