Style Gossip: Fascinating with Lan Yu Embroidery World

queenie_chamber_fashion_lan_yu_embroidery_01Browsing my weibo this morning, I saw this amazing fish images. Get to know what it made of I was like HOLYCOW, Neither photograph nor painting, but embroidery. It was an embroidery art exhibition at Grand Palais early July this year by China top designer Lan Yu. This is a traditional method embroidery hand stitch by stitch originally from China called 苏绣, click here if you can read Chinese. Lan yu, second generation of 苏绣 su xiu workshop inheritance from her mom, adding modern twist to traditional craft, to form these amazing collection LAN YU水魅. Technically saying, dividing an embroidery thread into 28 portion to complete details part, hence how fine the details were, as you can imagine. #salute

queenie_chamber_fashion_lan_yu_embroidery_02 queenie_chamber_fashion_lan_yu_embroidery_03

If you don’t know who is Lan Yu, you may know TVB actress 佘詩曼.
She was wearing Lan Yu latest Couture 2014 zodiac collection : The Virgo during awards ceremony last week.queenie_chamber_fashion_lan_yu_embroidery_04 queenie_chamber_fashion_lan_yu_embroidery_05 And, Sammi Cheng was rocking in the same collection in her TOUCH MI world tour concert yesterday.queenie_chamber_fashion_lan_yu_embroidery_06Photo courtesy of sammi weiboqueenie_chamber_fashion_lan_yu_embroidery_07 queenie_chamber_fashion_lan_yu_embroidery_08 queenie_chamber_fashion_lan_yu_embroidery_09Original sktech of destructured crystal gown, fulled with Swarovski beads.
From concept to real gown, from dream to reality.

At last, wishing everyone HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE, see you in next post.

Style Pick: Christian Dior Fall 2013


Christian Dior Fall 2013 show place is totally beyond expectation, Simons is a well-known player in contemporary art. Now he turns Dior house show atmosphere into art space. Models walking on the cloud, reflected images as double by giant silver spheres. Warhol echoed in the silvered spheres suspended in the room (like the artist’s iconic “clouds”) and the Laurie Anderson soundtrack that reflected his anomic public persona, but as striking and memorable as this window dressing was, the collection is ultimately about the relationship between Simons and Dior.

Simons use Andy Warhol’s early drawing as a recurring art on the collection. However, Warhol’d spidery shoe drawings’ are embroidered on shoes and bags. Peplums are fully grown in volume, symbolized of women. Those Warhol’s inspired in this collection called “memory dressed”, real dresses walking from scrapbook! At all, Simons never lose the signature of Dior but bring them up to another level. All those Andy Warhol’s fans, art fans, Dior die hard fans let have a look to this fab collection! *Please slow down your steps, luxury brand always indulge its exquisite details! ( Yes, I turn them all into GIF images, again and enjoy!)