Pets Event: Dogathon 2011

Dogathon 2011 is the 15th annual event organised by The Students' Society of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zoologico Club & UPM. The run started about 8am, it's definately for me toooooooooooo early for me on Sunday.  I suppose woke up at 6am, oh yeah, I over slept, neither my dogs came to wake me up even they … Continue reading Pets Event: Dogathon 2011

Style Gossip: Workout Styling Tips + Walk my furkids

I have two furkids, silky terrier McCoffee & schnauzer McChloe. Make sure they have happy lifestyle, I love to walk them at park randomly, let them sniffing new friends. By the way McChloe definitely need lots of walk, she's overweight. I pull her out of her bed early in the morning. She refuse to walk when we reached … Continue reading Style Gossip: Workout Styling Tips + Walk my furkids