Designer Corporate Uniform: Hitachi IGEM Girls 2011

This was a project I work for Hitachi for IGEM 2011. Photos taken during fitting session in my office.
McChloe, the PR in my work place, cos she’s too stable with everyone.Petslover will non-stop sayang-ing her… :P

When La Castle‘s playpen removed, now she only work in my fashion studio. ^^

Ixora & Luxanne
Luxanne suppose to be one of the presenter of the event, reason of joining Miss Universe Malaysia 2012, end up she quit this event. Anyway all the best for her. :)

<Events photos courtesy of Isabella Wern>

Hot chic from left:
Isabella, Parisz Pariszque, Rhea Lim, Ixora Chern, Jasmine Leong

The Thirtieth Birthday Celebration

Not big deal, I still need to work on big day, there are tons of work need to settle before proceed to my great weekend cum birthday. Celebration only start after work, but I’m in very berry good mood~ :)________________________________________________________________

Rushing back home doing a quick change, I’m heading my birthday dinner with no others but my dearest hubby. :) Giving me a suprise, he make a reservation for a meat-moster at Las Vacas, Mont Kiara.
Here you are, my juicy medium cooked Australian wagyu MB7! Hoolala~

They served freshly cook tomato soup. :)

101% cannot resist this one-inch thick cheeeeeeeeeeeeeesy beef burger~

It was a quick dinner. We are going home, and the rocking Friday just about to begin…


Neverland launched at my birthday, 7th Oct 2011! How nice the coincidence is was? I pray hard that I must get the passes becauce it’s only by invivation. And, I manage to get three, so it definately a rocking-birthday-Friday night. Unfortunately my other girl Yuyu couldn’t make it, so end up only my n YS are going.

me n YS

There are lots of photos still in my gear, showing you the crazy party at Neverland in next post, stay tune.


<All of my outfit are sneak preview of MQ06 2012 collection>

Welcome to my office: Queenie Chamber

Queenie Chamber, my work place, a.k.a the little inspiring place where I do my fashion work and meet my client. Here’s a tour in my little chamber~ :)

McChloe, a miniature miniature schnauzer who follow me to work most of the time, PR in the working place to entertain my client.


OOTD: From day to night…

Sometimes we have schedule from day to night, but most of the time we don’t have enough time for changing. I’d like to share my little tip for quick change, without changing your clothes. First you have to dress up yourself in outfit suitable from daylook to nightlook.

Here is my favour:
Forever21 Long tank top
MQ06 legging
Vintage denim jacket with DIY metal detail.

Day look: I’ll pair my legging with wedges and huge totes. Wedges, best mate for those who always rushing…  Huge tote, so I can stuck everything inside. :)Night look: Change your footwear to heels. Here’s my comfy Hush Puppies high heels. High heels always give you an intense sexy look. I pair it with a unstructure soft bag from Calvin Klein, tied with printed vintage scarf. So now I’m ready to rock my night.

My Artwork: Sketch of Hensel & Gretal

Spring clean my office bookcase after work, accidentally saw my huge sketch book. Long time no see! It was my Lim Kok Wing college university era’s animation project, about 10 years ago. :)
<The Research of Hansel & Gretal> 

Long didn’t pick up my paint brush…