2012 Uniqlo Style Search Finale + Behind The Scene

Finale of Uniqlook style hunt finally has come. It was held at KL Pac, Sentul. All of finalist required to check in there at 10 in the morning, followed by briefing, rehearsal, contest, after party, we have spent a full day there. I have to get all deadline done before so that I can enjoy the … Continue reading 2012 Uniqlo Style Search Finale + Behind The Scene

Chevrolet Colorado Launching @ KL Pac

Basically this post isn't much about Chevrolet Colorado car launch but more about a bunch of party animal. This event happened on the same day as launching of Starhill Gallery Fashion Week. When I arrived KL Pac, basically everything about launching was end. What left there was DJ, music, alcohol and animal...For detail of Colorado, … Continue reading Chevrolet Colorado Launching @ KL Pac