Wonderful Sunday morning to have picnic session with McCoffee and McChloe.
Photo: McCoffee, McChloe with my DIY pets outdoor drinking tower.

They are so happy with I took this Shanghai-Tang-basket out from storeroom, because this is purposely for carrying food during pets picnic.

McCoffee’s friends in the party



Princess McChloe n Princess Vivi in the picnic

0% cooperation!

Pets, they will do anything everything for TREATS! Look:

Tzen count 123,
Taroboy, waiting n posing for treats.

Ice Baby, freezing for treats.

Vivi dancing for treats~

QueenB dancing for treats~

Dunno why, Zenki keep distubing Mango…

Smiley IceBaby to my camera…

Wherever my son goes, all the rumput grass collapse!

Aemy failed to negotiate with IceBaby n now she’s going to jump…

The moment of father n son
Taro n Zenki

I look funny to have all babies in my arms.

Taro n me

Free facial saliva treatment from IceBaby

She just can’t stop wiping me…

My most precious furkids McCoffee n McChloe
Well I have 11kg + 7kg in arms… ><

McChloe ultimate skill: Parking in the park~

Me n my birthdayboy

Yay, group photo session.
We have petslover from left:
(standing/sitting) Peikhoon, Steven, Yuyu, Chee Fong, me, Bowie, Rav n Greg
(squating) Tzen n Aemy

Precious Furkid from left:
Pudding_black poodle
Mango_brown poodle
QueenB_shihtzu mix poodle
McChloe_ miniature schnauzer?
McCoffee_silky terrier
Vivi_miniature szhnauzer
Jacob Bear_white poodle
Zenki_maltese mix silky terrier

special thanks to cameraman Chis Wong (left standing of below photo)

Okay, almost 12noon, weather is freaking hot today and we are ready to hooommeeeeee….. bye bye~

My monster McCoffee is heading his 5th birthday on coming 22nd Feb. Mommy’s here, wishing my favor baby boy a very happy birthday, stay happy and healthy and mommy always love you… Timeflies, I felt like ur 4th party ( photo by me, by zetyap) just hapenned not too long ago, now your are turning into 5…

Okay, you can see a monster scream like hell in the video. Basically this is how he conquer my office shouting for his toy or treats…

my collection of Eason concert soundtrack

Lots close friends knew I am a super fans of Eason Chan. His songs definitely bright up my days. ^^


Beauty Bowie belated birthday treats

me n bowie

the food gang aka The Bravo Team of Death
me, bowie n ora

I can’t stop falling in love with hong kong style dessert, just like can’t stop loving hk’s eason. :P
Yummy dessert from Tong Pak Fu.

Bff Yuyu finally graduate, she owned her degree from UOC, a big congratulation to my baby girl.
I was so careless, forgotten to order  bouquet at the previous night, and underestimate time needed to wrap a bouquet. I was totally late for the morning. End up I grabbed improper wrapped bouquet with seperated graduation bear which suppose to tied together, rush to PWTC… I was so clumsy… ><
*forget my bacardi bottle, it isn’t any gift.


the 11th convocation

Anyway, they still looking good… :)

yongshi, yuyu n me


(Same night of the day) Two of high school friends birthday at the same day, we decided to chop two cakes with alcohol celebration. :)

Chop the cakes.

I’m so exciting about this small plate~

This Casio digital cam is newly bought, till the owner also haven’t “discover’ where the self-timer is… ==lll

marbel cheese cake n choco cheese cake from de chef pastry, not bad lar~

birthday man marvin


dedicate this too all buddies above, it’s feel great to meet u all the time
just like
You can count on me like 1 2 3 I’ll be there And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2 And you’ll be there Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah~

Boyfriend bought me a birthday spa at The Asia Spa 33 is located at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.



Late brunch at Levain.


Last round, I get my daily-regular-basis-drug here.
…and time to get back to office for scheduled appointment..
bye bye
<work hard play hard>