Club Neverland Launching Party

First I would like to credit kinky Blue fairy who bring me to the club. :) I was late at the beginning, end up I miss the opening part. :( I could only grab a drink and start rocking while the show’s already started…

She totally amazing!~
Dance dance dance~

Frankly I really stoned at the beginning part. What the hell of you singing slow beat love Thai love song in a club??? I only enjoy when DJ started to scratch disc, that’s what a club meant to be! :)

Finally I met Joyce in the club. I don’t think she able to hear me cos music is totally deafly loud. Thanks her anyway. :)

The Thirtieth Birthday Celebration

Not big deal, I still need to work on big day, there are tons of work need to settle before proceed to my great weekend cum birthday. Celebration only start after work, but I’m in very berry good mood~ :)________________________________________________________________

Rushing back home doing a quick change, I’m heading my birthday dinner with no others but my dearest hubby. :) Giving me a suprise, he make a reservation for a meat-moster at Las Vacas, Mont Kiara.
Here you are, my juicy medium cooked Australian wagyu MB7! Hoolala~

They served freshly cook tomato soup. :)

101% cannot resist this one-inch thick cheeeeeeeeeeeeeesy beef burger~

It was a quick dinner. We are going home, and the rocking Friday just about to begin…


Neverland launched at my birthday, 7th Oct 2011! How nice the coincidence is was? I pray hard that I must get the passes becauce it’s only by invivation. And, I manage to get three, so it definately a rocking-birthday-Friday night. Unfortunately my other girl Yuyu couldn’t make it, so end up only my n YS are going.

me n YS

There are lots of photos still in my gear, showing you the crazy party at Neverland in next post, stay tune.


<All of my outfit are sneak preview of MQ06 2012 collection>

Pets Event: Dogathon 2011

Dogathon 2011 is the 15th annual event organised by The Students’ Society of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zoologico Club & UPM. The run started about 8am, it’s definately for me toooooooooooo early for me on Sunday.  I suppose woke up at 6am, oh yeah, I over slept, neither my dogs came to wake me up even they know we will go gai gai the next day… End up, we miss the run.

McChloe was tied with a number tag at the entrance.
McChloe: Call me Miss L265~ :)My girl starting show her bad temper when we reach there, 0% of cooperation…
“No, I’m not going to move any single inch…”

Dogathon definately the great place to meet new whoofy-friends.

She dun wan to move at all, we end the day with this pose.

McChloe: This is the first, the last and probable the only Dogathon I join in my life, please don’t wake me up next year mom!

Blogger Sneak Preview: Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2011 Festival

Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2011 is about to start officially from tomorrow by media press. Here’s some sneak preview I would like to share with my readers, for those who luv art & design. If you are interested with whole week rundown, please check the programme here. Aaaaannd here is some of my highlight!

Me n the designer from Tiki, he’s a nice person to talk with. Pls visit his booth and he will share his story with you.

Beautiful namecard from


Graffiti artist Kenji absolutely the sparkling talent. I can’t keep my eyes off his graffiti. I knew he’s rushing cos tomorrow deadline to set up everything before exhibition. He still so kind to layan me, the annoying camwhore blogger with his patient, explain each artwork…

I love his art so much!


Yup, the famous Dweey also one of the exhibitor.

The giant babe from Miif and me~ ^^

I got my cute yet practical door gift , a panda bookmark~ Perfect for a bookworm!

ARTSHIRT: When T shirt become a walking canvas…
I love their quote. :)
Reportfolio Republic Studio

Okay, now I’m in another artwork paradise. Can you believe those nice stuff surround me all done by student? They are all potential artist to-be in future. :)
S.U.S Design Center




Jalan Dutamas 1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia