LOVE IS ON WITH Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks & Lip Lacquer

Revlon’s global campaign LOVE IS ON™ complements the launch of the Ultra HD™ Lipsticks and Lip Lacquer. Revlon is in a mission to inspire love and connect with people all around the world. LOVE IS ON brings far more meaning to women than just being a simple tagline. It’s all about how a woman feels when she’s putting on her makeup. Revlon want her to feel love.

queenie_chamber_revlon_love_is_on_01I am trying out Revlon Lip Lacquer during Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks & Lip Lacquer launching event.queenie_chamber_revlon_love_is_on_03

The Ultra HD™ Lipsticks and Lip Lacquer feature a revolutionary and patent-pending wax-free gel technology. The capable of suspending more colour pigments to deliver brighter, bolder and high resolution colours without the heavy wax feeling associated with conventional lip products. Ultra HD™ Lipstick is a must have for matte lip look, giving your lips full coverage with incredibly vivid and intense colour. Ultra HD™ Lipstick and Lip Lacquer name after beautiful flowers and gems. 8 shades of Ultra HD Lipstick: HD Gladiolus, HD Hydrangea, HD Azalea, HD Poinsettia, HD Tulip, HD Hibiscus, HD Orchid and HD Petunia. However Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer comes in 6 high-definition shades. They are HD Pink Ruby, HD Garnet, HD Petalite, HD Strawberry Topaz, HD Smoky Quartz, and HD Pink Sapphire. They are now available in all major pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide. For more information about Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks & Lip Lacquer, please visit

Event: Kuala Lumpur Guess VIP Night


< Kuala Lumpur, 23rd Jan> GUESS played host to an exclusive VIP party for top spenders and media with the launch of its Glam Denim collection at Circus Pavilion KL. This night of irresistible shopping treats complete with a free-flow bar, live jazz, lucky draw prizes giveaway and a runway showcase saw more than 100 guests attending. I always lack of luck in lucky draw, prizes were attractive a but I didn’t win any of them.


Glam Denim: All dressed up, everywhere to go Denim has been the medium for many trends over the years, from bell-bottomed and embroidered to acid washed and dyed neon. But jeans have never been as formal as a suit or party-ready as a holiday dress until now. A new fleet of fancy embellished denim from GUESS features sequin and beaded details in skinny silhouette pegs these fancy pants as anything but dowdy. Many of the denim pieces are embellished at waistlines, front and back pockets, the latter being the most popular location. Unlike fitted jeans, which also draw attention to the wearer’s curves, an embellished bottom makes it absolutely clear that the wearer intends to flaunt it.

GUESS Glam Denim jeans are versatile, sexy and work-ready. The watchword for other clothing items to go with embellished jeans is simplicity. Choose a simple top in a single colour. Pair it with nice but understated shoes. Wearing a little jewelry is fine, but do not go overboard. When buying embellished jeans, the key is to choose a pair that fits comfortably and look good and to go with embellishments that add to, not distract from, the look of the woman wearing them. Female fans shopping for their first pair of GUESS embellished jeans will find Glam Denim affordable as it retails at RM499.
The Elevated Denim is the first denim collection from GUESS to feature a variety of embellishments from gold metal studs to Swarovski crystals encrusting the back pockets of various fits such as skinny, boot and straight. Launched in September 2012, this premium denim collection has seen a strong following of customers albeit at higher prices from RM799.



<The Red Hot Sale>

Good News for all, GUESS is running The Red Hot Sale in-store promotion with discounts up to 50% off from 24 until 28 January. During this period, customers get to shop for Chinese New Year and enjoy an additional discount 15% for purchases above RM500 at all GUESS and GUESS Accessories stores. Visit the stores for more information.

For more information, please visit GUESS official website.


<Guess VIP Party Look>

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Lifestyle Event: Launch of The 1Malaysia Healthy Foot & Spine Carnival


Foot, the important part of body we use daily since we started learn to walk till the end of our life. Improper walking posture, bad standing habit or natural born defects may cause unhealthy foot. Yet most of the people are not aware of this and tend to suffer the consequences of neglecting. The 1Malaysia Healthy Foot & Spine Carnival happens to be the start of a countrywide campaign that raises the awareness on the subject of how having healthy feet and spine is vital to the overall wellness of an individual.

Running from December 28, 2012 to January 1, 2013 at Tropicana City Mall, the 1Malaysia Healthy Foot & Spine Carnival is just one of many events planned by MyOrtho Rehab. However much, it is the first of such an initiative as well – and aims to send out a key message on the importance of feet and spine health for a healthier lifestyle. Supported by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and headed by MyOrtho Rehab.

MyOrtho is a locally owned company that provides comprehensive orthotic care in the country; it is also the only one in Malaysia at the moment that looks to exclusive, private and cutting-edge orthotic and rehabilitation care, as well as a range of comprehensive services in this regard. The 1Malaysia Healthy Foot & Spine Carnival will also to educate visitors on the need for proper foot care to avoid possible health risks and will highlight diabetics’ risks of developing severe foot problems – thus emphasizing the benefits of an early screening, proactive monitoring and regular assessment in the prevention and early detection of foot problems, and reduction of amputation rates. The public can expect different activities and informational booths to be made available for FREE access. These include foot screening and determination of foot type; spine screening; free knee test and screening; and diabetic foot assessments. These will be made open to all visitors of the carnival and is seen to be something that everyone from all ages and walks of life can benefit from.

Official ceremony with Edmund Lee, guest of honor Datin Dr Nor Akma bt Yusuf & Daphne Iking.

I standing on a mirror-reflection box, my foot print can be clearly seen at underneath layer.

My foot are second type, pronated foot.

This pair of shoes insole is my solution, I have to wear them daily before my situation went worse. Originally retail at RM300++


Pic of Mr emcee Kelvin Chong, Daphne Iking n me, and we coincidentally form a traffic light combo, lol…

Anyway the screening part is free, please feel free to drop by Tropicana City Mall this weekend with your family. At least you know what is your problem and maybe saving some bucks to invest in your health. The carnival from today until next Tuesday 1 Jan 2013.

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Do Some Good Thing: A Musical Evening For The Children @ Fundraising Gala Evening Of Malaysian Children’s Aids Society

Most of us are lucky one. We have the ability to live our life, to work , to earn, to enjoy at least. However there is hidden society who are not that lucky, some of them don’t even have ability to earn a living. There are some hands that needed to be helped.  Now there is a great chance for all wishers to do a good thing meanwhile  attending a very glamour gala night at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s Grand Ballroom, enjoying fabulous performance from 30 over casts of philanthropists! This year, the main focus is on underprivileged children. Every child deserves a chance at happiness. The next generation are the future and hope who will is going to build the better nation!

A Cut Above Group of Salons & Academy will be putting together a musical evening to raise funds for the Malaysian Children’s Aid Society (MACAS). Okay lets see who will rock the stage on that night:

The Glitterama Ladies Charity Group leading by angel hearted Datin Maylene Yong.

The amazing 9 years old songbird Crystal Lee.

Fabulous Dennis Lau & Coolest Beatboxer Koujee.
*Pix taken at Renoma Opening Party.

2009 Asia Superstar winner Vic Teo.
* Pix taken during A Cut Above Academy Official Grand Opening Party.

Dina Nadzir,  the runner up for first season of Malaysian Idol.

Loong Bee‘s sant art performance.
*This video was captured during Grand Opening Of The First Renoma Cafe Gallery in Asia

Soprano Rachel Tan from Dama Orchestra.
You may have no idea who she is, but you must heard about the fabulous The Musical Empress Wu 武则天. Yes, she is the lead actress who starred Empress Wu.

A special highlight hair show featured by 16 Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 finalist. Don’t miss all hot babes featured A Cut Above fabulous hair art! * Pix courtesy of Miss Sunshine.

There are many more great performances such as World Stage winner HK vocal coach Mita Tam, children dance performance by Karen Barnes Dance Studio… Celebrity emcees for the evening are Angel Wong and Baki Zainal.

Give a helping hands to the little one, please purchase your ticket starting price of :
RM3000 per table
RM5000 per table
RM10,000 per table
RM15,000 per table

Please call Edmund Tang 012 340 0322 or Joanne Lau 016 281 3403 for more information.
Hope to see you all there! :)

The Launching of Freshlight Magical Touch by Schwarzkopf

The images of the collectible Blythe dolls virtually came alive with renowned Germany hair care brand Schwarzkopf turning on the magical touch. And the appearances of the popular miniature figurines were enhanced into the actual full-grown individuals portraying unique personalities. In marking the channel-exclusive partnership with Watsons to promote the brand’s Freshlight hair colour series for the retail market.

Mr. Markus Daburger, General Manager of Henkel Beauty Care – Cosmetics Retail, Malaysia & Singapore said they wanted to capture the guests’ attention with the eye-catching hair colours in the cosplay show.

VIPs are ready to launch the products in very special way…

Remote control ( Decor with purple balloon in VIPs’ hands) are the key to burst the balloon.

Freshlight series are hidden in in every large balloon.

Okay, here is a very energetic opening dance show, now Queenie Chamber presents you the famous Oppa Gangnam Style!

Eye candy dancers!


Ambassadors present you Freshlight Series.

VIPs with their souvenir.

Ten young cosplay girls with one Queen. :)
Models were dressed up for the cosplay to showcase the 10 different distinctive shades from the Freshlight selection.

Medias were pampered with great afternoon tea.

The man who made us all the good food, big claps to the main chef!

Freshlight Hair Colour 135ml RM 34.95)
High quality crème coloration with easy to apply formulation for vivid hair colors with glossy shine. Home coloring made convenient with comb-type dispenser.

Freshlight Foam 105ml RM 37.95)
Freshlight adopts the unique and refreshing approach of featuring various shades on the hugely popular collectible doll, Blythe™. Easy Foam System wraps around each strand of hair just like shampoo to give evenly colored and beautiful, shiny hair. Absolutely no dripping!

Schwarzkopf’s Freshlight Magical Touch now is available in Watsons.
Please visit your nearest Watsons to grab this fabulous hair product, and say goodbye to bad hairday!
For further information, please visit

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