Restyle Remade Recycle: Give Vintage Wedding Dress A Second Life

A day a customer walked in my studio, told me she has her mum 30 years old wedding dress in hand. She would like to wear it on her own wedding, asking me what to do with the dress. Frankly, the dress is super outdated in style, yet it was beautifully made thirty years ago. The main thing is about love! The blessing of mother to her daughter… I take the job immediately because this is a meaningful project.

I re-style this dress into off shoulder goddess mermaid skirt, by adding romantic elements such as lace and beading detail.

Yes, this is it!

Oh ya, I attend her wedding as well. :)
Chylie n me

Some people call us stylist or designer with respectable heart, some look us down name us tailor or dress maker.
But who cares? I’m hear just to made every of my ladies BEAUTIFUL! :)

OOTD: From day to night…

Sometimes we have schedule from day to night, but most of the time we don’t have enough time for changing. I’d like to share my little tip for quick change, without changing your clothes. First you have to dress up yourself in outfit suitable from daylook to nightlook.

Here is my favour:
Forever21 Long tank top
MQ06 legging
Vintage denim jacket with DIY metal detail.

Day look: I’ll pair my legging with wedges and huge totes. Wedges, best mate for those who always rushing…  Huge tote, so I can stuck everything inside. :)Night look: Change your footwear to heels. Here’s my comfy Hush Puppies high heels. High heels always give you an intense sexy look. I pair it with a unstructure soft bag from Calvin Klein, tied with printed vintage scarf. So now I’m ready to rock my night.