Good Day For Marry + Get My Look

I am planning to do my blog work on my cozy weekend, writing about my bff yesterday rom. Found out facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg was having his wedding on the same day as well. Congratulate to all lovely couples who start new page of their life. :)

The rom was done at Foothill Of Robson Height. Thanks to Stylo Fashion Week, giving such a stylish name to that place, was used to call Tian Hou Temple.

Tada, Connie the bride~

Lee n Loo families

Life is great, when you found love…

The world is round and small. I meet my pet’s friend See Fong.
yong shi, me n see fong

Other than face, girls do feet portrait as well. ^^
blue, black n red pedicure.
* Thank god the stone road out there, wedges safe our life!

me, connie n yongshi
friends for more than fifteen years…

Casual dining at Ying Ker Lou

New Mr & Mrs Lee



I am wearing MQ06 Bespoke cocktail chiffon dress.
This eye-catching dress is the must have item for your Spring Summer 2012 wardrobe!

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Designer Customade Dress: From Sketch to Real

Technology is a miracle invention and smart development of civilization. At my mum era, customer who need to customade a dress, they need to cut fabric at fabric store, walk to tailors doorstep, take measurement, and come back again for fitting session. It was a slow process! Nowadays everything change when we have a untouchable space name internet.

My client works in Singapore however my office located at Kuala Lumpur. We only meeting in FB private message for the whole process: from idea to development, deposit payment, taking measurement, and the dress is ready when she’s back to Kuala Lumpur. Then we manage to finalize it with minor alteration. :)

Sketch of idea development: Typical bridesmaids dress form by three individual basic pieces: Built-in strap tube dress, scarf & corsage. Off-shoulder goddess dress is the major look for wedding event, yet it able to disassembled back to normal tube dress. Multiple looks from a single item may be the key of coming trend, because we can’t keep buying too much and just wear it for once. I can said this is an eco-friendly design. :)

My creation: A complete look of bridesmaid dress.