Beauty Review: Talika Body Shaping 28 Days Challenge


I have started my Talika Body Shaping Challenge about a month ago. So called challenge means I gotta put on these two products continually to test out the efficiency. This isn’t any big deal for me cos I have the habit of put on lotion all over my body after shower. The differences just I need to reserve bust area for Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D for my butt. 02

Hence, Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D has been following me everywhere in the house for a month.
Sometimes they on my dressing table…


But most of the time they stayed in my bathroom, as after shower the best moment to put on any lotion. The best absorption ever! After using them a month, I can tell you there are some difference. Skin looked more plump, firm and moist. And, I love the scent very much! Of cos you can’t expect your bust blow up into huge size like Leng Yein, this isn’t a plastic surgery. If you read my post previously, you can understand its plant based formula take slow but safe actions for better results.

Hence, treat Bust Phytoserum & Back Up 3D as best friend for your bust and butt. Use them daily and result may shown after consistency usage. Take it as a daily beauty routine, just like putting on some lotion and gently massage after shower.


Okay, great news for my readers. Now I’m going to giveaway these 3 sets mini Bust Phytoserum & Back Up 3D. How to win? There are no rules for this giveaway, just email me tell me you want it, that’s simple! First come first serve. Every girl deserve a chance to be more feminine charming. Do support me and follow me @queeniechamber in Instagram & Twitter for more fabulous news. I love you all! :)


Brunch with all #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge Babes

06Last Saturday I just had an awesome brunch moment with all the bloggers who took the challenge. They all just looked fabulous! Let’s see who can you recognize?

08I have my option of Healthy Breakfast Salad with Balsamic Dressing.

09And my Chamomile Citrus Tea. Acme Bar & Coffee definitely a great place to hangout for weekend breakfast, less traffic and great environment.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge!

01_queenie_chamber_talika_launchIt was great to know there are some reliable products to boost better curve on our body. I attended Talika launching event month ago, click here for the official beauty news in QE3. Month later, Queenie Chamber was invited to take the body shaping challenge, of course I say YES to it!



I am sure that most of girls hate the ugly truth of our body so much: When we gain weight tummy the first part bulge, but if we lost weight bust size reduce. Aging and gravity treat us cruelly by pulling everything down. These facts truly troubling me for long time! I could hardly resist good food, in another way busy controlling my weight. I really need some awesome products to maintain my curve. I really appreciate Talika for products sponsored to solve my problem. Okay now let us learn more what am I actually going to use on my body:

Bust Phytoserum, 50ml RM215
Bust Phytoserum consisted plant based formula made from phyto-volumising complex composed of mangosteen, quince, sea kelp bioferment. The first bust serum was introduced in year 2009, helps to firm and boost bust volume. Bust Serum 2.0 was re-introduced in year 2011, formulated with hyaluronic acid for greater hydration. In year 2013, Bust Phytoserum come with more plant-based active ingredients which intensity the enhancement of plumper, fuller and curvier breast.

Back Up 3D, 50ml RM190
Back Up 3D, the first ever product focuses on lifting and shape-up the buttocks  in the market. It helps to attack stubborn excess fats, reshapes for firmer looking buttocks, meanwhile fights water retention as well as cellulite, smoothen, plumps and tones skin. If you ask why we can’t use Bust  Phytoserum to firm out butt? The answer is very simple, tissues and structure of bust and butt are different, hence we need different treatment for our buttocks.

One thing I have to let all of you understand about NATURAL AND SAFE of using any product, the result won’t give us immediate impact. You may look different instantly after few hours if you choose path of plastic surgery, or chemical reaction may give you a fast result. Yet, major ingredient of Bust Phytoserum & Back Up 3D are from natural,  result may shown after consistent usage in quite sometime. Hence I accept Talika 28 days challenge to see my result!

The journey is just started! Please follow me @queeniechamber in twitter and instagram for more information, you are welcome to interact with me with #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge . There is a CONTEST will be running at the end of challenge, some fabulous Talika  products will be given away to whom able to answer my question during the journey. Stay tune and good luck!