October Birthday Babes: Something should happened two months ago…

Originally this dinner was planned two months ago by few october borned Libra babes. Suppose to be… hehe… Anyway we finally make it last friday night at Thanks God It’s Friday.

from left
queenie , erney , mat

from left
7 oct, 15 oct, 8 oct
present present n present
my one now is placed under christmas tree at home, I want unwrap all presents at boxing day. :)


me n my food
grilled chicken dunno what tomato basil pasta… taste not bad~

mat’s super cheesy pasta with grilled chic

erney’s juicy salmon, but i have no idea why it served with green rice.
end up erney quit her rice…but salmon itself taste damn good…


we will meet up again very soon… :)
Jael, u wan join us next time?

BFF Convo + birthday-birthday

Bff Yuyu finally graduate, she owned her degree from UOC, a big congratulation to my baby girl.
I was so careless, forgotten to order  bouquet at the previous night, and underestimate time needed to wrap a bouquet. I was totally late for the morning. End up I grabbed improper wrapped bouquet with seperated graduation bear which suppose to tied together, rush to PWTC… I was so clumsy… ><
*forget my bacardi bottle, it isn’t any gift.


the 11th convocation

Anyway, they still looking good… :)

yongshi, yuyu n me


(Same night of the day) Two of high school friends birthday at the same day, we decided to chop two cakes with alcohol celebration. :)

Chop the cakes.

I’m so exciting about this small plate~

This Casio digital cam is newly bought, till the owner also haven’t “discover’ where the self-timer is… ==lll

marbel cheese cake n choco cheese cake from de chef pastry, not bad lar~

birthday man marvin


dedicate this too all buddies above, it’s feel great to meet u all the time
just like
You can count on me like 1 2 3 I’ll be there And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2 And you’ll be there Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah~