Merry Christmas 2011: It’s give and take season…show me your love!

Rolling Santa Man is wishing you a Merry Christmas~

We don’t exchange presents, but exchange love…


Looking at the lonely monster, I feel bad, really really bad. I have been working busily lately, till rarely to bring them to social life. Hence, I have reserved my Christmas day for my precious furkids McChloe and McCoffee. I arrange a private picnic nearby my house, invite some close friends who have precious furkids too, having a quality moment with them… Hope my honeys forgive me, I never forget what I have promise to you both: To make you both the happiest furkids in my world~ :)

So, what is you guys Christmas plan?

…and at last, I would like to dedicate this to all of you~
Among all versions, I love this one the most.

Chic Pop Street Market 10 @ Jaya One

Sometimes I was really headache when two events squeeze in one day. I have to go Pipit Wonderful Market because promised my friend visit her stall. I definately don’t want to miss the Chic Pop 10 when I miss out the ninth. After rushing I only reach Jaya One about 5pm, there is one hour before closing. Frankly I don’t have much time to visit them in detail. So I just browsing around with DSLR, basically here’s a paradise if you have to shop, all garments are cheap cheap and cheap! :) *But you can’t expect too high in their quality.

The cotton bag with doggie print is cute~

I walk till tired n sleepy d…and what else? icy caffeine drink from Starbuck of cos.

lets continue browsing around, there are lots of cool display every booth…

Okay, everybody are prepare packing for closing stall. I think I should leave too, will be early a bit next time if there is the eleventh…

My Artwork: Sketch of Hensel & Gretal

Spring clean my office bookcase after work, accidentally saw my huge sketch book. Long time no see! It was my Lim Kok Wing college university era’s animation project, about 10 years ago. :)
<The Research of Hansel & Gretal> 

Long didn’t pick up my paint brush…