October random this and that.
Hardly have time to update in social media. #闹市中隐居
Daily schedule is fulled with awesome fashion bespoke projects,
watercolor sketches above were idea presentation for my dearest clients for visualization.

queenie_chamber_oct2015_02I have done 12 watercolor painting series in themed YOGA,
for charity.
I will make an announcement very soon…

queenie_chamber_oct2015_04Random sampling work for bespoke client.

queenie_chamber_oct2015_03Full hand embroidery work for HOME.

Okay that’s all and bye bye.

I knew Queenie Chamber nothing to do with car racing, but who don’t love super car and hot chic? Like me if you like them as well. *Thumbs up* Pix below was taken ten minute before qualifying at 9th June 2012. All super car are about to roar the track. All media are given only ten minute to grab your favor shots. Okay, I shaddap here and enjoy~

Photo credit to DG PHOTOGRAPHY

I knew I block the car (up pix), and now I reveal you his real face. :P

More posts coming very soon…
This post is made possible to you by Denso.
Please check Super GT official web for more detail.

Just like usual, I prepare myself attending event right after work. The event itself is fun but the jam isn’t. Mostly event was held at most of the happening place, meaning I have to rush at peak hour get to the place before started. Hm…

Wella Trend Vision was held at Black Magic, Jalan P Ramlee, the heart of golden triangle near KLCC. I was in a rush till mess up my night by forgotten to bring my DSLR’s battery along. Yes, I brought my gear without battery in it! I think I should get some punishment, like a month forbidden of alcohol? A week of no coffee? I have been warned of being careless all the time, but I never take it serious. Now I think I should. Double check myself all the time… ish… All night long photos was taken with my Galaxy Note. I didn’t mean rude to my Note but you know, in a club, without speed lite, the photo quality are sucks. So sorry my readers for the ‘fantastic’ photo quality in this post. :P

Ladies & gentlemen, get your own drinks here!

I spot a camwhore behind the menu, hehe…

Show start, emcee tells us what’s the trend now… Look, I might probably the only long black freak in the club while most of the IN peeps have beautiful colorful hair.

Manne on demo.

me n backdrop

me n jannet

meet winnie loo again at wella trend vision

shum n me
*obviously i am not ready.

me, shum n manne
bad lighting, our face look haunted!

me n manne, the pro model agency.

balloon decorated Wella at the entrance.

I admit I don’t have any clear vibrant pix for the show, I don’t want to ruin Wella when they are talking about trend and color,  but I have the finale video, enjoy~ :)

Look what I have in my goodies bag? The new ENRICH series from moisturizing shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, moisturizing treatment, shimmer delight shine spray and velvet amplifier style primer. Thanks so much Wella for such a bag of great gift,  I might experience high performance hair care that  I SEE, TOUCH and SENSE.

Please check out Wella website  here.  :)