For Sale: Limited Edition Longchamp

This white bag’s my favour when I have it in hand. I tell you what, as a fashion blogger I carry few big things daily: DSLR camera, Sony Cybershot compact cam, A5 size notebook, make-up bag, purse, mobil, even flash light for nightout. Not all of my bag can fit in them all nicely, bag without volume may look like dumpling if I stuck all of them in it. But this one, just perfect for all items above. :)

I have two in the beginning, I kept one for my birthday gift. The other one I let go on sales! Come on lets start a tour browsing detail of the iconic Le Pliage~

This is a limited edition piece, important from Taiwan. Symbolize embroidery was given a beautidul name: Tree of Life. They have navy, red & white, but I have my eyes on the white colour. Don’t try to tell me owning a white piece is so hard to maintain its cleanness, but I’d only tell you it’s a status. Same meaning as having a pair of white loafer on your feet, lying a white leather sofa in your living room, all are status! You will only understand when you have it in your life. :)

Come closer to taste the beautiful of embroidery. The authentic piece also come with perfect stitches under strict quality control.
Fine quality zipper head!

All stiches are just perfectly sewed~
Since this is imported from Taiwan, the “identical card” come in Chinese version.

 Originally it was TWD 9,600 (RM998), now I’m giving 60% off, so you can have it at RM399 (or USD127 if you not in Malaysia, shipping worldwide)! Hurry, it’s only ONE piece, grab it before it gone! :P

MQ06 2012 jumper
Zara cardigan
Charles & Keith ankle boots

Pets Event: Dogathon 2011

Dogathon 2011 is the 15th annual event organised by The Students’ Society of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zoologico Club & UPM. The run started about 8am, it’s definately for me toooooooooooo early for me on Sunday.  I suppose woke up at 6am, oh yeah, I over slept, neither my dogs came to wake me up even they know we will go gai gai the next day… End up, we miss the run.

McChloe was tied with a number tag at the entrance.
McChloe: Call me Miss L265~ :)My girl starting show her bad temper when we reach there, 0% of cooperation…
“No, I’m not going to move any single inch…”

Dogathon definately the great place to meet new whoofy-friends.

She dun wan to move at all, we end the day with this pose.

McChloe: This is the first, the last and probable the only Dogathon I join in my life, please don’t wake me up next year mom!

For Union Jack and Mini Cooper lover

Sending my car for servicing today, saw this beauty lying at the corner of the workshop! I’m fans of Union Jack, and also Mini.

Very vintage Logo

Same design interface key hole.

Interesting body paint with zipped motive.

This piece metal, actually cover of speakers.

Mini RIM

Mini rooftop with British flag design.

He’s just so tempting, Oh…vintage Mini Cooper. :)

Welcome to my office: Queenie Chamber

Queenie Chamber, my work place, a.k.a the little inspiring place where I do my fashion work and meet my client. Here’s a tour in my little chamber~ :)

McChloe, a miniature miniature schnauzer who follow me to work most of the time, PR in the working place to entertain my client.