December, the month we waiting for gift from santa claus. And santa has come early this year, gave us this eye candy fashion show, which all mankind been waiting for: Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014. This is the highlight fashion show of the year, which almost motivate and inspired me the most. Men love it; women want that body. Show was just happened at London few hours ago, all photos courtesy of 凤凰时尚 weibo.

The show was opened up by Behati Prinsloo with very fierce golden wings. VS angels just like angels falling on earth from heaven, who is your favor?


Twins Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio, live show by Ed Sheeran

img-de22acaa863c7b7d71edc17bca848004img-d410d9aaaef53a61dd4f88dc99d70a7fimg-ef92d7e974de6ebda03405182aa4cb7d img-445cea5316fe0b47b2b5653a6fb96229

Taylor Swift performance with fairy angels was a highlight.



Too many clothes on angels, this theme wasn’t my favor. We do not need that much clothings on lingerie show, do you hear us?

img-47714440ca86a3d2e6ed2b0ce464c0d8 img-3aa62f47aff57796638ea4e70d229f8e

Sexy and romance in one, we have Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo, one of the highlight theme of the night!
img-8b78dbbc0b70f868c53b0917ee1a84a5 img-91ae2a40b0f946c2c2ba18212ed7c0e7

The last theme of the night, black and white angels walking on checkboard.

img-061137f8fc1742bf89e4128c61c20195 img-7791c513376218d50a17e11f6213d014 img-43f528bf26a0695db9d2b6fdcd34cabe

img-ce44189c25232229ba7d3f6ad250dd4eTaylor Swift wearing Elie Saab Spring 2014 again, which been wore once in her BLANK SPACE music video, perfect for a fairy look in the VS show. img-54439037d34308d2348fe92d259243b2Ariana Grande performance in pink college theme.

Okay gotta back to work after watching this eye candy show, share it! :)



Having a fourteen years long relation with my another half, finally we decided to have our first kid now. I have been given lots of freedom at my 20s and now is time to moving forward to another chapter. I ain’t young no more, em… for age of 32 isn’t pretty late to have my first baby. I felt so grateful having a new life in my belly now.

Life is about to give and take. Been listening lots of moaning from bff around, having a kids a huge commitment. Losing freedom, losing own time, losing shape bla bla bla never stop me felt a wistful longing for a child. Some of my friends might notice and ask me: Hey you have been less active in public event for a while Queenie! Yes, I was suffering in morning sickness at early stage of pregnant, and I couldn’t eat much. Rest is the main key of daily life, and also I gotta say no to all kind of sponsored invitation…

drx lipo

No alcohol (omg, I can’t imagine I vomit when I smell my favor Guinness now!), no smoking ( em, I don’t smoke anyway), less chemicals applied on me. Nowadays you might see me grocer shopping nearby house area with bare face. My another half turned in to alarm when clock hits 11pm at night keep repeating: Go bed now! Don’t ever thinking about browsing fb or try to comment, or else I’ll receive some kind of msg instruct me: Wei go sleep now lor! Thanks for all your love. :)

Based on Chinese zodiac next year is a horse year, I’m so excited now can’t wait to see my little pony around March 2014. No matter boy or girl, he/she definitely a little pony to celebrate in my life…

pegasus 1

This noon about 4 pm I got a inbox message from Choon Choon noted that I was shortlisted as female top 10 finalist in Uniqlook Style Hunt Contest Malaysia. First I was in a shock! Huh? Really? I never thought I able to make it. It was a playful thought in the beginning, as snapping daily shot is fashion blogger ritual, I just swap the top to Uniqlo pretty tee. Some of my friends were taking part too, all of us was just like having fun during the shoot. I notice most of stylish female contestants are invincible young! I might like haha for being  a 31-years-old-finalist.

Basically this contest judged based on 30% of vote and 70% of judged decision. For me, myself is the biggest judge of my own. I have stopped fashion for running family business La Castle Restaurant in past three years. Starting Queenie Chamber was the first step I back to fashion. That was remarkable day of me start care about fashion, the day I care about my style. I tell you people who involved in f&b line really nothing to do with glam when kitchen and bar the messiest place to kill style. I pushed myself to pick up everything that I have left behind in those three years. 22nd June 2012 is the first anniversary of Queenie Chamber, now I celebrate it with the honor of being “one of the top 10 female” in Uniqlo style hunt contest. I am grateful! To win or neither, that isn’t the biggest deal, the truth is to be honest to myself and I knew I already won the-last-year-me. But of course winning the passes to any Uniqlo country is my extra bonus. The grand final will be held next on Friday night at KL Pac, wish to see you guys there!

Thanks again for Miss Ravanne and Chris Wong for portrayed me in such lovely pix,
thanks for Uniqlo for providing us such a great platform for expressing ourselves,
Million thanks to all of my friends who have brought me here, I am truly appreciate it!
….and also thanks to my dearest hubby, I knew you are a silent supporter always.


Dedicate this song for you all and good night, tons of work still waiting for me tomorrow…

It was two weeks ago after last trip, and I admit all travel pix are still lying in my gears. There are tons of photo I wan to share but there is the same lousy excuse I am using all the while: I’m so busy, hell ya~ Many many thoughts appear in my mind that how should I categorized them, if not there will be quite mess. At last I decided put them in story telling way in every of my post, show time will be every Saturday 9pm. At last, I would like to special thanks to my travel buddies Mok and Ying Li get me thid fabulous pix during the trip. Stay tune~