My Travel Story Chapter 2: Thai Food

To all of my dear readers, you are warned that this post is not suitable to be viewed with empty stomach. You will be feed with thirty over irresistible food pix later. All food pix are taken during mt last trip, bloggers always feed their camera before feeding their mouth.

Coconut, spelling of an old-fashioned form of the word. The term is derived from 16th century Portuguese and Spanish cocos, meaning “grinning face”, from the three small holes on the coconut shell that resemble human facial features (source fr here). Coconut seen everywhere in Thailand, coconut water is the my favor drink, good for reducing your body inner heat.

Experiencing this delightful and refreshing cocktail with coconut milk as its ingredient at Blue Mango Restaurant, luv luv luv!

Okay, when we said Thai food, we can’t miss out tom yum! Its widely served in Thailand. Four of us have been craving this drooling dish almost everymeal, unless three of us was food poison in middle of the trip.

Pad Thai, from Blue Mango Restaurant.

We at Blue Mango.


Royal Tandoor at Krabi, owned by Indian boss, to be truth their in Indian food is super good yet Thai food was so so only.

Yes, we let our camera eat first.

Lime steam fish.

Ying Li doing a good wife duty, me the bad wife know take photo only, hehe…

Highly recommended their green curry chicken, the best I have tasted so far. Small portion (about six tiny chunks chic meat) in the bowl for 200 baht.


Chang beer, every where in Thai.


Four of us hubby, me ying li n khai having breakkie in our hotel, La Playa Resort. Typical hotel food but it was good.


We go sapu Ao Nang Night Market (closed on Thursday).
Get location: 8.032833,98.82575511932373
Dear food lovers, here’s the cheap food heaven!

A hawker stall near junction of Ao Nang Night Market. Don’t really understand what was written on menu, we order by pointing the food out. ^^

Super stew pork leg.

Don’t really know what is this, I can’t read Thai but taste good also.

Fried chicken dish, thumbs up! From the same stall as well.

Steam water chestnut, the first stall at the entrance of night market. The little stall was nicely decorated by pandan-leaf-fold roses.

I told the lady boss the roses are beautiful, she made one for me instantly. ^^

Look good but didn’t try out, my stomach running full…

Guess their typical way of ikan bakar, saw them in Bangkok before.

Nangka jeruk?

Sweet dessert, have no idea what’s it made of. The owner cant speak English I can’t speak Thai, I only know swadeekap kap kap kap…

I grab frozen yogurt at this stall as my dessert.

Not kidding, they are really pure juice.


Street hawker food: Pancake

Street hawker food: Monkey noodle
I am not sure the boss kidding on it or it really called that funny name. It was the last bowl when I go near the stall and it was belong to someone else, so didn’t try out this, guess it taste good.

Thai is an art place, they emphasize the beauty of display, even just a piece of pineapple.

Street hawker food: prawn tempura


Okay, I am very very fascinated in this dish: Som Tam!!! I saw a stall surrounded by local people and tourist, I go near to check it out. It was just like local rojak, he sliced everything inside a mortar, pour in seasoning then mix everything well. It can be eaten like this or served with noodles. I can’t resist how tasty it is after first bite.

I observe what he got in his stall, and I swear I go back I must make my own! ^^

Tada, here you are! My version of Som Tam in Queenie kitchen! I am using:

extra virgin olive oil (I swap oil dressing to olive oil , the only oil I have in my house. ><)
cincalok ( made from Malaka one, hahaha)
fish sauce
the greenest papaya I pick from grocer store
long beans
lemon juice (it suppose using lime juice actually)
cili padi

I slice my papaya in this way.

Everything sliced then pour in seasoning according your taste.

Chilled and served.
I have been keep making this dish almost twice a week since back from Krabi…


More pix coming up in chapter 3 next week, bye bye~

Food Review: Bff Roadtrip Hunting Breakfast at Ipoh (Part l)

Last time we went to Ipoh try out the famous Fu Shan Din Sum Restaurant. This time we decided to try out opposite Ming Court DimSum Restaurant. Overall food quality defnately can fight opposite one, lower price and the best part is low MSG. :)

Full house!!! We got nothing to do while waiting for table,  so camwhoring around with mirror.

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum
Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Close On Every Thursday

Four of us eat super full only RM70+~
*Yong Shi ur bill upside down.


This is another famous spot in Ipoh: Funny Mountain Soyabean & Tou Fu Fah. I heard that it always take you long time queue up to buy. Since we went there quite early, so there’s no one there yet. Both soyabean & taufufah really not bad.

Tau Fu Fah (Soybean Curd) @ RM0.80 / USD0.20 per bowl
Soybean drink and Grass Jelly drink @ RM0.80 per glass.

Funny Mountain Soybean & Traditional Tau Fu Fah
49, Jalan Theatre,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 016 595 0369, 05 546 9968, 012 516 1607


How can we miss out Nam Heong Oldtown white coffee everytime stop by Ipoh? I got a weird habit to try out all coffee spot where ever I go. I love to bring my Starbuck tumbler takeaway one portion from here, another portion from opposite Sun Yin Loong (also original Ipoh old town white coffee), to compare who still remain the level. If you are sweetened lover, can try Nam Heong; for those love bitter taste, can go for Sun Yin Loong.

Egg tart stall in Nam Heong Coffee Shop, all are freshly made! Yummy…

Nam Heong Coffee Shop
No. 2, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 605 243 7177

Okay, finish breakfast, here we go for our next destination: Cameron Highland!
(to be continue…)

My Diving Trip: Go holiday Go

Island is a great place to escape during summer time. Sun shine tanned your skin, breezing fresh air that can’t smell in the city, blue-tone wide landscape that relax your body and soul.
I love beach!

Well, this was old photo about a year ago when I get my PADI license at Pulau Perhentian.
Yeah, I notice the colour blocking before the trend spring/summer 2011 start!
It’s look so fresh placing bright orange colour in front of ocean blue.

Inspiration is just everywhere.

Here is some of my favour pick from Resort 2012, from left:
Thakoon     Stella McCartney    Emilio Pucci     Versace     Fendi

The tanned me during diving season, and no worries it just take me one month to recover back to my original fair skin.

Malaysia is honour to called the paradise of diving since we have so many beautiful islands. So, just hold all of your never-ending work aside, plan for an escape, to pamper your body and soul. Have a summer great escape!