This is my wardrobe styling for Volkswagen through overseas agent from directly from Shanghai. Thank you Pheobe. Whole project was amazing because working with bunch of fabulous young people (The one who look oldest actually one year younger than me #wtf); whole project was exciting because first meeting face to face to showtime merely 48 hrs to get all looks ready. Anyway Queenie Chamber managed to achieve it (applause for myself), thank you team!

The show was started yesterday for first batch of media, followed by tonight second batch of media and then two shows tomorrow open to public. And now I am stealing some time in the styling room blog about what are going on backstage. Some young talented artists here will be wearing some super colour-blocking looks ( these colors never exist in my wardrobe, yet.) styled by me.

queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_02 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_03 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_04 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_05 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_05aMain artists Aidin(guitarist), female vocal Aisha and super cute Sean, they really can sing man!

queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_11_ARTISTSOthers talented artist close up, we have Kaye, Jane, Jun and Michael.queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_06Please take your seats, because all models of Volkswagen will be moving around you. queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_07 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_08 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_09Video of rehearsal, you can come here tomorrow if wanna watch it for real:
queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_10Event venue located at Skypark Airport Hanger but not really the place we take our flight, its a private hanger about 15km away from there. If you want to come but cant find actual location, whatapps me (If you have my contact) I can sent you Waze location. K thx bye, is time back to work, see you all in next post.


CNY Fashion Tips: Five Fabulous Looks to Press Start Your Horse Year!

Time flies and next Friday is CNY! I kinda love our Chinese tradition that we must wear all new clothes from in to out, from top to bottom. This tradition let us shop and shop without any other excuse. Heehee… Some of you may have no clue about what kind of new look yet, hence, I have shortlisted five fabulous looks that might give you a little clue. I just found out there is a fantastic shopping website Off The Rack Asia where can let me try  out variety looks, and budget control as well. Okay lets check my favor picks now!

01_queenie_chamber_cny_lookaLOOK 1: CNY EVE DINNER
CNY eve reunion dinner is a must for every Chinese family. I pick a Duchess & Co Kaleidoscope Mesh Rosette Hem Dress for this warm moment, All For The Want of a Horseshoe Gold Nail Wrap Ring to symbolize wealth, very-eye-catching yellow Mia Oversized Envelope Clutch, pair with a easy-matching nude color Tie The Knot Peep Toe Heels. Oops, bit costly for this look? This dress is now having great deal of 15% off in OTR Asia.

02_queenie_chamber_cny_lookLOOK 2: CNY DAY 1
Ang ang (Red) is my top choice to wear on first day of CNY. Dutchess & Co Red Lapel Midi Dress paired with same nude pump (yes, nude color footwear goes well with most color), highlight the look with Chevron Tribal Drop Earrings and Rose Gold Finespun Cuff. Vanessa Crossbody Bag, we definitely need a nice bag for angpau collection. 

Enough for red? Let’s try out spring colour. Duchess & Co very-sweet Blue Sweetheart Crop Top pairing with Silk Midi Skirt, goes well with same nude pump and yellow Mia Oversized Envelope Clutch too. Accessorized with girly touch of Enamel Octopus Ring and Crown Stud Earrings.

This is a very retro edgy look, Houndstooth Collar Dress from Clothes Inc. Highlight the look with same yellow clutch and yellow Tassel Drop Earrings.

03_queenie_chamber_cny_lookaLOOK 5: CNY DAY 4
Yellow Rosette Yoke Dress from Duchess & Co, accessorize with Multi Color Stone Diamante Necklace and Heart & Angel Ring. . And yes, if you notice, I repeat the same Mia Oversized Envelope Clutch and nude pump again.


1 Understand your own style, determined key piece to create different looks.
2 Lock down for easy-matching items, because you may repeat wearing them in a season, bucks saver okay?
3 Online shopping is a brilliant idea for fast paced girls. Off The Rack Asia provides Explore Looks, let us explore different looks with budget control, instantly.

OTR Asia  is an online shopping website offering a curated collection of accessible fashion from Brands & Designers from around the world. Feel insecure of online shopping because you can’t feel the real goods? No worries, OTR Asia now is having Pop Up Sales! Lots of local and international branded wear in amazing deals. Mark your calenders 24th to 26th January at Pop by Jaya One for more surprise!

06_queenie_chamber_cny_look_pop_up_salePlease like Off The Rack Asia page for latest update.

Style Gossip: My Favorite Top 5 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2012

Tonight is the 49th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival awards ceremony at Taiwan. Actors, celebrities, artists were dressed up to walk on the red carpet before the entree… I have shortlisted my top 5 favor eye candies…

I love her the most! My favor Lin Chi-Ling 林志玲She’s look so yummy in this sporty-cut back draped white dress.

Number 2 goes to the ultimate beauty Angelababy 杨颖! A simple cut for not-so-simple full bead lace gown embellished with a golden belt, stunning!

My top 2 favor is her, 桂綸鎂 Kwai Lun-mei.  She looks great in this U cut neckline gown, if there any chance for me to style her, I will put her in brighter color. This one just too pale, plus bottom part somehow look like a sleep dress. :P

My favourite number 4: 范曉萱 Mavis Fan! Her tattoo’s so cool.

Miss Number 5 goes to 何韻詩 Denise Ho a.k.a HOCC.  Please don’t ask me why I pick this! I just madly love this stylist of this look 黃偉文 Wyman Wong, one the HK fashion icon. This fuchsia tube dress was inspired by her guru Anita Mui.

The ceremony has just ended, below is the updated winner list:

最佳剧情片Best Feature Film:神探亨特张 Beijing Blues
最佳女主角Best Leading Actress:桂纶镁 Kwai Lun-mei /女朋友。男朋友 GF. BF
最佳男主角Best Leading Actor:刘青云 Sean Lau夺命金 Life Without Principle
最佳女配角Best Supporting Actress: 梁静 /杀生 Design Of Death
最佳男配角Best Supporting Actor:郑中基 Ronald Cheng /低俗喜剧 Vulgaria

最佳导演Best Director:杜琪峯 Johnnie To夺命金 Life Without Principle

观众票选最佳影片: 女朋友。男朋友 GF. BF
最佳新演员Best New Performer:齐溪/浮城谜事 Mystery
最佳创作短片Best Short Film:拾荒少年 The Home Gleaners

最佳造型设计Best Makeup & Costume Design:张世傑/消失的子弹 The Bullet Vanishes

最佳美术设计Best Art Direction:林木/杀生 Design Of Death
最佳摄影Best Cinematography:邬迪/神探亨特张 Beijing Blues
最佳音效Best Sound Effects:曾景祥、黎志雄/大追捕 Night Fall
最佳剪辑Best Film Editing:杨红雨/神探亨特张 Beijing Blues
最佳纪录片Best Documentary:千锤百炼 China Heavyweight
最佳改编剧本Best Adapted Screenplay:鲍鲸鲸/失恋33天 Love Is Not Blind
最佳原著剧本Best Original Screenplay:银河创作组、欧健儿、黄劲辉/夺命金 Life Without Principle
最佳原创电影音乐Best Original Film Score:Peyman Yazdanian、Johann Johannsson/浮城谜事 Mystery
最佳原创电影歌曲Best Original Film Song:罗大佑/DoReMi/高海拔之恋II Romancing In Thin Air
最佳视觉效果Best Visual Effects:金旭、锺智行、Josh Cole/龙门飞甲 Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
最佳动作设计Best Action Choreography:车手 Motorway
最佳新导演Best New Director:张荣吉/逆光飞翔 Touch of the Light
年度台湾傑出电影工作者Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year:黄裕翔
终身成就奬 Lifetime Achievement Award:石隽 Shih Chun

Please click into the official website for more result information.

Good night! :)

Wardrobe Styling: Tiger Biskuat Car Chase TV Commercial Ads

Any shoot which planned to shoot at outdoor, I always pray for a good weather. Not too hot, not raining… Can I?

Shooting location was somewhere at Taman Bukit Indah Ampang.

And that day I was the nanny of these two fellows Daniel Booth & Alyssa.

“Oh my beg!”

Daniel’s chasing the car~

The sunny boy Daniel.

He just super loves to act! Gaya, no?

Queenie Chamber with Tuan Hashinda.
* Outdoor shoot which also means you better cover yourself or else sunburned. Bluek!

So sunnies up…

Even that, it still rained heavily and everybody wet like chicken.

Here’s the final outcome, enjoy:

* I discover a super fat cat near the pool, her butt is about triple size of her head. ><lll

Wardrobe Styling: Wyeth S-26 Promise & Progress Origami Zoo TV Commercial Ads

Ladies & gentlemen, these are some unexposed behind the scene pix taken during the commercial shoot. Yes, I did the wardrobe styling job. First location was shoot at Zoo Negara. The crews were busy setting up everything, and oh ya, you won’t gonna see those fancy colorful animal during normal visit, because it was purposely built for this commercial, only.

Queenie Chamber with main talents, the gorgeous mum Victoria Bradbury and Jeff boy Dante Oropeza.

Waiting for setting was kind of boring, Zai n me camwhoring…

Giant prop head, it reminds me the last week pumpkin head.

Monkeys work 9am- 5pm, most of human are worst than monkeys I think! (Me definitely included)

Second location, a very new housing area at Sungai Besi Lake Field House. Personally I love those origami very much.

We took a break at the staircase, blocking all the way up. :P

Not me, I swear. It was just broken.

Shooting Victoria in progress.

Dante in action.

Okay, here is the final outcome after a long day shoot: