Style Gossip: Workout Styling Tips + Walk my furkids

I have two furkids, silky terrier McCoffee & schnauzer McChloe. Make sure they have happy lifestyle, I love to walk them at park randomly, let them sniffing new friends. By the way McChloe definitely need lots of walk, she’s overweight.

I pull her out of her bed early in the morning. She refuse to walk when we reached park, obviously she’s not in good mood today.

Emo face shown to me, from McChloe.

She looks tired after the “jog”…

<Workout Styling Tips>

For short Asian girl like me, I don’t have slender figure. Yet most of girls have common claim: We wish to look tall and slim anywhere anytime. To answer the common question, I have some tips for you girls: How to look great in sportswear? Most of sportswear designs are colorful, so we have to choose colour carefully. Matching top and bottom in same tone has the magic of elongate you body; on the contrary, two diff colours might crop you into two parts. Hope you all have a cheerful sports moment!

Nike cap
Reebok sportswear
Nike air runner

Style Gossip: Hong Kong Fashion Art House: Daydream Nation

We dream, we love to daydream, but most of us don’t have the balls to pursuit and make it real. Kay & Jing do. Daydream Nation, an international fashion label, also well-known as Hong Kong creative hub. DN cross-disciplinary collaborations with other art forms including theater, dance, music, film and visual arts. Among DN accessories collection, I’m so in love with the leather crown (below)!!! Queenie deserves a crown~ :P

craving crown

Style Gossip: Vintage Vogue Italia Mag Collection Blumarine

Normally we will forget what we actually owned when we are owning too much. Seeking of inspiration, I always dig my super old magazine from my lil library. Those are magazine I kept for quite a while. Here I’d like to share some of my favor shots from Vogue Italia March 2001, gosh, what the ten years old magazine!

Classic ad shot from Blumarine, that last for ten years. :)