One and a half month, 96 episodes, 3 episodes per day 武媚娘传奇 finally comes to the end last night. There are some thoughts I would love to share it here:

Basically she is icon of modern women: feminine appearance yet tough inner spirit. Intelligence, creative and progressive. She just born in a wrong era.

武媚娘侍奉李世民十二年,也不过是个五品才人;李治却把她捧为皇后. Empress Wu just a low grate concubine after serving Lee Shi Min for twelve years, eventually she is empress for Lee Zhi.

起初我是为了保护你,后来是为了得到你,其实我就想好好的和你一起看一场烟花… Emperor Lee Zhi doesn’t fancy about his throne, he just want to have a great moment with his love one, life is very simple actually.

莫问前程凶吉,但愿落幕无悔 basically can be translate to DON’T ASK, JUST DO IT! When you doubt about any decision making, just do it. Left the judgement to outsider.

I am doubt about the wardrobe styling, but Empress Wu looks great in her emperor look, 3D dragon jacket incredible embroidery beading effects are amazing!

Lee Zhi and Empress Wu both are good looking person, I wonder why they have a son like Lee Xian. Something wrong with Lee Xian genetic, he is a mutant.

At the last episode, Empress Wu confuse about her choice, she even doubt why she choose to be a king. She is lonely and sad even owned the whole Tang dynasty. At last, she left a piece of wordless tablet 无字碑 at Shaanxi Province Mausoleum, she has nothing to say in her life? Or she let us comment for her achievement?

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_01Hereby I created a refreshing makeup look inspired by 武媚娘传奇. Everybody is crazy about Empress Wu makeup, I am using a list of products below to create this look. Original version is a bit heavy in reality, I change original red lips into this natural nude cream lipstick, dark smoky eye into shimmery eyeshadow. Main focus enhanced at the fire red tattoo on my forehead, this look ideal for coming cny makeover.

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_02URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
Great coverage for my minor spot and darken area on my face, set up a perfect base prepared for next step.

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_03URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation
武媚娘 face is pretty pale, I use lighter tone than my original skin tone to create the pale look.

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_04URBAN DECAY Moondust Eyeshadow
I didn’t follow the original verysion dark smokey eyes, giving a touch of shimmery moondust eyeshadow for a refreshing look, perfect for coming cny.

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_05URBAN DECAY Sheer Revolution lipstick
This revolution  lipstick comes in beautiful shades,  very creamy and moisturize my lips as well.

I am using Sephora matte permanent lipstick 2060A.

I am using Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner intense black.

1 URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation

2 URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

3 URBAN DECAY Sheer Revolution lipstick

4 URBAN DECAY Moondust Eyeshadow

The collection will be officially launched at Sephora on 19 February onward.

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A lot of girlfriends told me YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TIME FOR SELF-PAMPERING SESSION ANYMORE WHEN YOU HAVE A BABY. I thought it was some jokes because hubby always can help mar. Seriously I didn’t sit in any hair salon for more than two hours (some basic hair wash & hair cut just fine, sitting there more than 3 hours for coloring & perms are too luxury for new-mom-without-nanny). The same thing never happen in nail bar too. But still, I still manage to have some ME-TIME…in own bathroom. Luckily Lauren daddy willing to help most of the time, hence my highlight of the week always happen on weekend. The best moment I could have,  no matter a long hot shower, a detoxifying body scrub, a nourishing hair treatment, even simple mani pedi will wash my tiredness away. It wasn’t easy to be a full time mommy, or I should say it wasn’t easy to be a radiant full time mommy, as we need to put our baby in priority HEALTHY AND HAPPY, cook and maintain our house clean (Oh yeah I don’t have any maid neither), in the same time we still wish to look radiant  from head to toes.

06Thanks to Scholl, I received a starter set of SCHOLL VELVET SMOOTH EXPRESS PEDI with TWO REPLACEABLE ROLLER HEADS last week during media launch. You know what? I no longer need to filing my foot like playing violin with foot file anymore. Filing is pretty tiring job too. The result is even better professional foot spa session ( I bet most of them are still using traditional foot file). Want to know more, please enjoy video below:

03 04

Thank to the leading foot expert, Scholl for this simple yet handy electronic foot innovation, let me file those dead skin off in brushing-a-teeth time. Girls we all know Malaysia  is a 12-months-summer country, open toes sandals are essentials in these hot day. I ‘m confident to say my feet are ready for sandals, or wait, gimme three minute for instant pedi session. Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi comes with a fast rotating Micralumina roller head, able to removes my dry skin effortlessly (For best results, apply lotion after). It seriously convenience and comfort. But caution when cleaning the device:, you can only wash the roller head but not the electronic body. Normally I wiped the device with a damp towel.

Nowaday not only women, men enjoy pedicure too. Not for fancy gel nail but a clean and neat appearance. Of cos I will share my Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi with my hubby too. If you worry about hygiene issue, grab your family pack of roller heads refill pack with two pieces inside, problem solved. Nowadays consumers are smart, they do calculation before purchase. Let us do some calculation here: One refill pack cost you RM49.90, one roller head cost RM24.95. One roller can be used up to 12 times, which means each usage only cost you RM2.08. Now girls, please tell me how much you spent in nail bar everytime for basic pedicure session?


If you wish to experience the new Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, please mark your calendar on 6 to 10 August 2014 1030am to 930pm. You are cordially invite to enjoy a foot pampering session at One Utama Shopping Centre (Concourse, Old Wing). If you refer your bff to VELVETSMOOTH OFFICIAL WEB,you are entitled to a special discount voucher that may accumulate up to nearly 20 % off the product. For more information please visit, share your experiences with us under #myvelvetsmooth

05me with giant Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, earlier at media launch last week.


queenie_chamber_spotlight_00Hands up if you are a DIY freak like me, who always want some unique swag that unable to find out there. DIY animal like us, always thirst for unique material to do the craft thingy, it’ll be better if able to hunt them under one roof. So, please put ours hands together now for the first SPOTLIGHT in Malaysia, arrives Ampang Point shopping center in 3 days! The fabulous place you can shop from parties to knitting.

Spotlight, privately owned and run by Australian family business since 1970s. The success business grown from two brothers helping their parents run a dress fabric stall at Queen Victoria market, to stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and now Malaysia. There are only three days more for public to witness the Australia, New Zealand & Asia’s favourite craft, party, sew, fabric and home interiors superstore!

queenie_chamber_spotlight_01I was totally a happy girl in Spotlight today, seeing a lot of DIY material around. Okay let us start the store tour now…

queenie_chamber_spotlight_02Variety of yarns, displayed neatly on rak for chosen.
queenie_chamber_spotlight_03wide range of yarn for selection, you name it, they have it. Some of them were knit in a small piece sampling. (pix below)

queenie_chamber_spotlight_05Paper craft

queenie_chamber_spotlight_06Fine arts material

queenie_chamber_spotlight_07Sewing accessories from A to Z
queenie_chamber_spotlight_10Fabric options were awesome too, categorized  for costume, dancing, household, dressmaking etc

queenie_chamber_spotlight_11In case you need a brand new sewing machine, trusted brand like Singer & Brother are in option.
* Selected model Brother sewing machines are going crazy sales of 50% OFF at the opening sales.

queenie_chamber_spotlight_12Lace galore

queenie_chamber_spotlight_14Ladies, those fabrics are limited edition in Malaysia, which means there is only satu gulung one roll available in our country. Grab it quickly before they are gone!

queenie_chamber_spotlight_15Calling lion, tiger, leopard… Great fabric for costume.queenie_chamber_spotlight_16You can make beautiful colourful cow costume by using these… (Pix below) And I saw LOTS OF FANTASTIC PRINT FABRIC! Let’s have a look…queenie_chamber_spotlight_17queenie_chamber_spotlight_18queenie_chamber_spotlight_19queenie_chamber_spotlight_20queenie_chamber_spotlight_21queenie_chamber_spotlight_22queenie_chamber_spotlight_23

queenie_chamber_spotlight_24I’m a mother who lost control in Spotlight after seeing all these lovely craft thing. And yes, I’m going to spend ALL of my cash voucher to get some fabulous fabric, for making Lauren some dress.


You can enjoy exclusive 10% off for paper patterns and 10% off on your birthday if you sign up for  Spotlight eClub member now, it’s free! Besides, you will be the first to know every Spotlight sale and receive invitations to exclusive events. Please click here to be VIP member. The doors are open for public on this Saturday 12th July 10am, enjoy your shopping up to 50% off during grand opening sales. For more information, please log on to Spotlight Official FB Page.


It’s been a while I M.I.A after having baby Lauren, so does my Queenie Chamber also been less active. I just free from one-month-jail aka confinement last week. I’m on my way heading to spring summer 2014 eyewear preview powered by Safilo group.  Here are some trend update for this season if you are looking for a pair of sunshade! Basically some designs of ss 2014 are very daring. Instead of stick back to every seasons must have aviator, retro or cat eyes, new elements can be found in this season. Let’s have a look!


Those colors that you never expected, was put together to create unexpected impact. Out of surprise, they are quit harmony when you are wearing it.

Definitely party & holiday must have, swag!

There are always some retro designs for the old school style, invented with new elements.

I’m pretty surprise the combination of materials used in an eyewear, wood with metal, plastic with wood.. texture that give you a new kind of feeling.


Okay, after talking trend analysis, there are some my seasons favor picks.

queenie_chamber_safilo_eyewear_fashion_03The new Marc Jacobs sunshades convey classic glamour and an elegant flair, very refined style. The bold volumes and unexpected color combinations, are enhanced by an alluring blend of materials highlighting the new glasses’ 50s-inspired design and sophisticated allure.



Irresistible and iconic, these sunglasses are inspired by the House’s celebrated Baguette bag, a symbol of timeless elegance and style. With their multifaceted dimensions, straight, clean-cut upper front profile and softly rounded lower front profile, the brand’s new numbered limited edition sunglasses celebrate the legendary bag’s refined allure. Look at the translucent camouflage print, and the twistable Fendi logo at the arm.





I admit I’m Alexander McQueen since fashion school era. These oversize sunshades very vintage yet new, nothing because the brand’s iconic skull on the hinges, with an added flower detail in line with the SS14 catwalk collection. Own one of the if you are leopard print fans too, purely leopard, leopard with black or leopard with metal up for your choice.

queenie_chamber_safilo_eyewear_fashion_07_BOTTEGA VENETA
queenie_chamber_safilo_eyewear_fashion_08_BOTTEGA VENETA


This season, Bottega Veneta enriches its sophisticated eyewear collection with new sunglasses and optical frames that highlight the brand’s unique aesthetic and enduring motifs and feature subtle signatures including the intrecciato motif, photoengraved studs, as well as the block hinge, reinterpreted in new versions. Made from the finest quality materials, these new styles feature the superb craftsmanship, versatility, and timeless elegance that define BV.


An interplay of colored acetate, skillfully combined to create a refined contrast, characterize these women’s sunglasses and optical frame. The elegant frames, with their sleek cat-eye silhouette, feature the intrecciato motif through the transparent hues of brown or purple, blue, gray and Havana gray for the sunshades.


Fendi catwalk collection , very edgy.


Dior So Real Collection, breaking through futuristic design with sharp metal bridge.


Dior Metal Eye


Dior Solar Collection

< This post is bought yo you by Safilo Group >

Event: Zalora x River Island Launch Party

IMG_7618Weeks ago I was attended Zalora River Island Launch Party at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur, to celebrate the arrival of River Island in local most wanted online store Zalora. River Island has been setting trends on the High Street for over 60 years long. Founded by the Lewis family in the late 40s, the brand has evolved over the decades but has retained its signature use of bold colours, fashion imagery and influence from pop culture. Known for its edgy take on fashion and its collaborations with illustrious celebrities and emerging designers, River Island is still run today by the Lewis family, and their collections promise standout pieces that will have you turning heads in the best way. Now you can grab your favor piece of River Island without leaving your home, through Zalora free delivery service.

IMG_7619Here are some my favor pieces snap during the show.

IMG_7626 Here some sneak peek of backstage plus show finale footage, click click click!

Please click here to view the complete collection and happy shopping!

20130912_194423Great to meet up with old friend, Mianta yang very vogue.

20130912_194454Partner in crime Bowie

Linda Linen Jacket rm220
Linda Linen Jacket rm220

Oh ya, if you love linen jacket on me, you can grab it here!