After Calendula Herbal Extract Toner won number 4 of 2013 customer favorites among ten Kiehl’s fabulous products, Kiehl’s launches another seriously good Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash this year. Carry on the benefit of calendula flower power, Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash is paraben-free, and very gentle to skin.


After knowing goodness of calendula flower extract, Kiehl’s chemists have relied the power of selected ingredients to balance their highly effective yet gentle formulation. If you want to achieve healthy looking skin, begins with respecting the skin barrier. Harsh cleansers such as alkaline based ones can damage the skin barrier. Once there are tiny cracks in the skin barrier, it increases the possibility of irritation and allergies. When cleansing the face, using a soap-free formula is an integral part of maintaining the skin barrier function.

Kiehl’s carefully selected an amino acid-based surfactant to cleanse deeply. When you watch my video (above), you can notice a small amount of  Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash able to form rich foam, cleanse not only dirt and oil, but also makeup like eyeliner and lipcolor away. Calendula Flower Extract able to sooth my skin, and Glycerin, for its ability to pull moisture from the air to replenish and help keep my skin hydrated.

Kiehl’s since 1851, the brand who confident very their high reputation products. They encourage you walk in their store to try their products, ensure you walk out with some complimentary samples. They didn’t invest budget in fancy advertisement, but giving out samples for let customer try. Even a 30 days refundable satisfaction guarantee, if you are seriously not happy with what you have bought. Yet I’m here to tell you YOUR SKIN WOULDN’T LET YOU DO SO, BECAUSE YOUR SKIN ALREADY FALL IN LOVE WITH KIEHL’S.


Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner was introduced in year 1960’s, formulated with hand-picked Marigold flower petals. This iconic formula is already 50 years old, still worldwide customer favorite. Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner available in 3 sizes: 125ml for RM80, 250ml for RM135 & 500ml for RM210.

Inspired by Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner, Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash is recommended for normal to oily skin, available in 230ml for RM105. You can grab them home from July 2014 onwards at your nearest Kiehl’s stores.

For more information, please visit Kiehl’s official site, like Kiehl’s FB page for latest news.

You Have No Idea How Much Toxin Under Your Skin Until You Try Out A Face Signature Energy Recharge Treatment


You must read this post if…

You are hyper active social media kick, like me;

You are a smartphone heavy user or you can’t live without Clash of Clans;

You wish to have Lauren skin, unfortunately your skin pores always look like strawberry;

You don’t eat much but still have puffy face, serious edema problem;

You want to have a firm neckline but never starting to exercise;

You live in your red lips and eyeliner almost 24 hours a day;

You sleep very late, mostly.

I have tried out a super cool facial treatment named Energy Recharge Treatment recently, that able to turn some white color cream into gray/dark gray/ or even black cream after the therapy. What is the gray stuff about? It’s toxin/mercury/lead/radiation hidden under your skin, causing by facing computer/using smartphone for too long time, or makeup for too long hours etc. It’s always easy to say how to life healthy, but how many people able to practice healthy lifestyle? Neither me, I am here writing this post in the mid night where I suppose to be on bed right now.


Needless to say much, please click on video below to see the process of Energy Recharge Treatment.



I know sweating is great for skin detox; I scrub to clean external dead skin; I go toilet every morning for intestinal detoxification; I thought I can’t do anything to get rid of toxin like mercury, lead & radiation etc until I tried out Energy Recharge Treatment. I asked my beautician I scrub my face weekly, my skin look pretty fair, where do those dirty gray come from? It was toxin hidden inner skin that can’t be seen through eyes. The result was proven from the treatment.


Okay question, where did I do my Energy Recharge Treatment? All these professional service was done at a A FACE BEAUTY SALON, running by an independent mom Kit Ho who need to earn some bucks to feed two kids. Environment very comfy, I truly relaxing drinking some tea after facial treatment while listening water flows from Balinese fountain, washed away my stress and tiredness at the same time. I mean no joke, here is my haven when I need some place to chill, or need someone to talk to. Kit is now my soulmate whenever I need someone to talk crap.


A FACE Beauty room, professional setup standard as seen.


A Face Signature Energy Recharge Treatment only cost you RM99 for the first trial,
please make your reservation via 0129029186 for toxin free radiant face like mine.

Beauty Review: Payot EXPERT POINT NOIRS


20140612_131917Malaysia is a freaking hot country, and sebum is the main course of all skin problem. My 33 years old skin still breakout  sometimes!  It doesn’t mean world end anyway, because I have found my another combat pimple hero. Prevention always better before it happen. I received this EXPERT POINTS NOIRS, a formula with 3 levels of actions on the pores. A very refreshing cream gel you should always keep on your dressing table after tested(pix below)! The unique formula brings 3 levels of action to fight blackheads: it deep-cleanses the skin, unclogs and retightens the pores. A must-have product in this HOT season!


Chilean mint extract regulates seborrhea. Prevents the appearance of inflammation that leads to cutaneous imperfections.
Zinc extract limits sebaceous secretion and normalises sebum levels.

Glycolic acid 3% delivers deep-down peeling action.

Rose fruit extract with astringent action regulates the skin’s keratinisation process, reduces the unsightly appearance of dilated pores, in addition to smoothing and refining skin texture.

I applied EXPERT POINTS NOIRS morning and before-bed-time all over cleansed and toned face, followed by serums and night cream. I seriously love my instantly matified skin, and its unique fragrant scent. Grab EXPERT POINTS NOIRS home at the price (30ml) RM150(WM)/ RM158 (EM).

queenie_chamber_payot_3Payot Expert Purete is newly landed in Malaysia, available in your nearby salon starting from June onward.

queenie_chamber_payot_2Being a blogger, I’m truly appreciate that we are always priority to try out some quality skincare. I’m the spoiled one I know. Here I am with Aurelia, International Trainer of Payot Payot fly all over from Paris.


Payot is a salon brand, where bring skincare to even greater heights. Now Payot also offers a brand new salon treatment with a unique protocol for clean and perfectly pure skin PURI SOLUTION A ONE-HOUR TREATMENT DESIGNED FOR COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN. THE BEAUTY SOLUTION FOR PURIFYING SKIN AND CORRECTING IMPERFECTIONS. Owned a purified, rebalanced matte skin in 105 minutes, price range starting from RM258.

Beauty Review: Neogence Pore Solution Series


Who doesn’t want their skin like Lauren one? Zero pores flawless skin ,turns me into crazy mom that love to stare at her little cutie pie face for very long moment. Us. uncontrolled bad habit, polluted environment, stress, improper lifestyle, etc facts turn our skin become worst year by year. I admit, my narcissism gives me motivation to keep hardworking from aging. I’ll still getting old someday but at least I wish to pause it a while. Hereby I’m sharing some of tips to keep my skin in condition.


You will never have a beautiful  if you understand skin condition well. And, skin products that I used at 20s maybe not suit us anymore when I reach age of 30s. Hence we have to keep understanding our skin condition, find the suitable products and fix it.


Practicing healthy lifestyle, no smoke no alcohol rest as early as possible. I was a heavy drinker before having Lauren, and I mange to cut it down to minimal intake. If slept late in night, I’ll try to nap on the next day, even just a 20 min will be just nice to recharge our body.


water-09(Image source)

I’m not the first one who tell you this, I know it’s very boring but I still want to repeat it again:



I named NEOGENCE DEEP PORE CLEANSING MASK & EXTREMELY OFF-HEADS SERUM pH5.5 my pores rescuers. I’m using very traditional methods to clear blackheads before met them. Either squeezing or using peel-off masks, both hurts and pain. The worst part is the unwanted visible pores after plucking heads out, and redness sometimes. Blackheads continuously grows and pores become larger on oily skin. This is definitely never ending nightmare with worst result.


NEOGENCE DEEP PORE CLEANSING MASK combines natural clay and charcoal powder that effectively absorbs sebum, remove dead skin cells, cleanse pores deeply and reduced heads naturally. Notice my nose when mask dried, the dark dots are sebum absorbed from in depth pores. I wish my pores can be minimized one day, just like the doll next to me.



EXTREMELY OFF-HEADS SERUM pH5.5 contain HYDROPHILIC GLYCACID, that effectively and deeply dissolves heads and blocked pores completely. AC.NET combined with SEBUM CONTROL ENZYME, effectively improves the condition of cuticles, tightening pores and reducing blockage and acne. Balance pH5.5, which closest to our skin, avoiding uncomfortable conditions. So squeeze no more.

I received these two rescuers during their launch in May by Sasa Hong Kong. I have to recommend them to all of you after testing for week, they are just too awesome! Please click here to read more about LAUNCHING NEWS IN SASA OFFICIAL BLOG. Of course, grab them home in all Sasa outlet from June onward.

Someone love to visit different beauty saloon because of attractive first-trial rate. Yes, you can do so till find the trusted one. The benefit of revisit a trusted beautician is she understand your skin well, pampered your skin professionally. I have found mine, and I’m going to share more in my next post…

Hair Trend: Wella Illumina, See Color in New Light!

The Launching of Wella Illumina in Malaysia
Wella Professionals successfully adding a page of glory about color innovation in 20 years. Illumina Color is a premium brand that introduces the wonder of light to the Wella Professionals, sheer color that’s luminous in every kind of light. Hair stayed healthy after coloring.  Please checkout their official web for related detail.



Sheena Liam in Illumina!

My Illumina Experience at O’inno Hair Salon’s Illumina VIP Suite

This is my first Wella Illumina experience.  I have been waiting for the first Illumina VIP Suite in O’Inno Hair Salon & O Three Hair Studio to be done after Illumina launched. There is another Nioxin Counter which launched last year August. This is the second VIP room separated from open area, to satisfy those clients who love privacy.

20130531_123944Illumina product display in VIP room.

20130531_154608Bleaching and coloring in action. I am so surprise that my sensitive nose didn’t feel any uncomfortable. I have to admit I have runny nose when allergy to chemical. I tell you Illumina don’t have that irritating smell. :)

20130531_161015Er, I knew my hair a bit too long, :P I have gao dim finished almost 7 tubes of Illumina.

20130531_163529Dyeing process end, time to reveal my color. Yes I am very excited.

Million appreciated Chester and O’inno team for their damn professional service.

Queenie Chamber thanks to Wella team too! xoxo
Kathy, Angie & Shugene

20130531_164839Warm tone from Illumina suite my skin tone the most, and I definitely agree with it. I have so much fun with my highlight right now. Thanks for Wella and TTDI O’inno Hair Salon sponsored my fabulous hair. Please make your Illumina appointment exclusively at O’inno Hair Salon ( The first Illumina VIP Suit, and so far the only in Malaysia)by calling  603-7726 2180 . They are located at 18, Jln Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL ( Next to Starbucks TTDI). Have a fabulous Illumina day!