As most of you know me, I am mother of two now. Beside of never-ending housework, I’m still running my bespoke clothing career, and a new line Green Object which talk about art of sustainable zero waste living products. Life is packed with stress of course, luckily I had found my way out.

Meditation music did help me a lot. No matter what kind of situation I faced during daytime, it must be let go during bedtime. Focus attention on breath, the inhale and exhale. I put on my earphone follow the guided music, breathe in universal energy, breath out all negative energy, carry forward with heart of gratitude. Meditation music heal my negative emotions, remove blockages in the meridian system and balance my energetic system. There are some secrets of successful people won’t tell you, about how do they get their inspiration. The answer is meditation, the only way to connected with their superconscouis.

The self healing journey is very amazing. I have some links of favor music below, some of them are pretty long (three hours) some of them are short (half an hour). I believe music therapy able to help release your stress too:

Aura Cleansing & Boost Positive Energy Healing Music (1 hour)
Chakra Balancing & Healing – Guided Meditation (25 minutes)


Those music above are source from YouTube. I have a little tips for you to enjoy uninterrupted music during healing session. I pre-downloaded all favor videos in my library in advance, turn of mobile WiFi/ data before start healing session. The you will be free from popup advertising. Beside, you may need a good quality headphone.

I was using hairband headphone previously, Cherrie loves to grab it when I enjoying music. Yes babies love to grab everything. Weeks ago, I received Sudio Sweden NIVÅ, which totally connect me to wireless music world, invisibly. NIVÅ is small in size but sound crispy with heavy base. I can totally cover NIVÅ with my hair, so Cherrie can’t see me listening.

Here come with few frequent ask question I may come across when start using it:

1 Since it’s so small, will I drop it or lose it? 
Ans: Not really. The package come with three sets of difference sizes ear plugs, I pick my size and wear comfortably without dropping. For storage, the casing is a magnet box with magnetic closure, basically NIVÅ won’t drop out even I put up side down.

2 How long is battery life?
Ans: For my experience, if I keep the same volume NIVÅ able last about 4 hours. Slightly longer than official website stated. The portable charging casing provide four time charges, it takes about half an hour to fully charged. So I can enjoy about 17 hours total playtime. It’s absolutely enough for my longest meditation music.

3 How’s the stability of wireless connection?
Ans: The small hole on NIVÅ is speaker, allow me to answer call. It perform quite stable even I walk away from my phone, sometime I still able to talk in washroom, no kidding.

4 It’s it worth to buy? 
Ans: For price range less than five hundred, the sound quality is satisfying. It supports both Android and iOS. Beside, you can get 15% off discount with code QUEENIE2018 if you buy from official website Sudio Sweden is having an exclusive promotion  that give free pack of 4 Swedish Design Coasters and free delivery to Malaysia. Welcome to true wireless music world!

< Unboxing Sudio Sweden NIVÅ >  True connection to wireless music world



We love and we hate exam. We love study actually just worry can’t memorize content in head.
Because we always want the best result.


When come to skincare products, we have tons of choices on rak.
We have phobia in selection too, can all products absorbed into skin for its full benefits?


It would be easier to understand, serum in smaller size proven easier to be absorbed into our skin compare with lotions.
However, Vaseline Body serum range offers up to 10 times more skin benefits without the sticky feel.


Vaseline Body Serum range:
1)    Total Moisture Nourishing gives 10 times the moisturizing boost, keeping the skin nourished all day.
2)    Healthy White SPF 30 serum offers 3 times skin fairness protection with its concentrated UVB and UVA formula while Vitamin B3 helps to achieve lighter and brighter skin tone.
3)    Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum offers 10 times the anti-aging benefits thus keeping skin looking younger and fairer.

The body serum range contains lightweight formula allowing faster and deeper absorption into the skin and provides high efficacy with its concentrated ingredients, as compared to body lotions. Wonder if they will burn a hole of your wallet? You can stop worrying because 180ml just cost you about RM19.90 For more information please visit Vaseline official website.

One and a half month, 96 episodes, 3 episodes per day 武媚娘传奇 finally comes to the end last night. There are some thoughts I would love to share it here:

Basically she is icon of modern women: feminine appearance yet tough inner spirit. Intelligence, creative and progressive. She just born in a wrong era.

武媚娘侍奉李世民十二年,也不过是个五品才人;李治却把她捧为皇后. Empress Wu just a low grate concubine after serving Lee Shi Min for twelve years, eventually she is empress for Lee Zhi.

起初我是为了保护你,后来是为了得到你,其实我就想好好的和你一起看一场烟花… Emperor Lee Zhi doesn’t fancy about his throne, he just want to have a great moment with his love one, life is very simple actually.

莫问前程凶吉,但愿落幕无悔 basically can be translate to DON’T ASK, JUST DO IT! When you doubt about any decision making, just do it. Left the judgement to outsider.

I am doubt about the wardrobe styling, but Empress Wu looks great in her emperor look, 3D dragon jacket incredible embroidery beading effects are amazing!

Lee Zhi and Empress Wu both are good looking person, I wonder why they have a son like Lee Xian. Something wrong with Lee Xian genetic, he is a mutant.

At the last episode, Empress Wu confuse about her choice, she even doubt why she choose to be a king. She is lonely and sad even owned the whole Tang dynasty. At last, she left a piece of wordless tablet 无字碑 at Shaanxi Province Mausoleum, she has nothing to say in her life? Or she let us comment for her achievement?

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_01Hereby I created a refreshing makeup look inspired by 武媚娘传奇. Everybody is crazy about Empress Wu makeup, I am using a list of products below to create this look. Original version is a bit heavy in reality, I change original red lips into this natural nude cream lipstick, dark smoky eye into shimmery eyeshadow. Main focus enhanced at the fire red tattoo on my forehead, this look ideal for coming cny makeover.

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_02URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
Great coverage for my minor spot and darken area on my face, set up a perfect base prepared for next step.

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_03URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation
武媚娘 face is pretty pale, I use lighter tone than my original skin tone to create the pale look.

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_04URBAN DECAY Moondust Eyeshadow
I didn’t follow the original verysion dark smokey eyes, giving a touch of shimmery moondust eyeshadow for a refreshing look, perfect for coming cny.

queenie_chamber_urbandecay_05URBAN DECAY Sheer Revolution lipstick
This revolution  lipstick comes in beautiful shades,  very creamy and moisturize my lips as well.

I am using Sephora matte permanent lipstick 2060A.

I am using Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner intense black.

1 URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation

2 URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

3 URBAN DECAY Sheer Revolution lipstick

4 URBAN DECAY Moondust Eyeshadow

The collection will be officially launched at Sephora on 19 February onward.

<This post is bought to you by URBAN DECAY>