Hennessy Artistry @The Global Art Of Mixing

Last got my two last-minute passes from Eric Yong. Hey, it’s mainzone passes! Thankiu so much Eric. :) I’m going to party my crazy night with no other but my friday-boyfriend YS.Photo taken at Hennessy signage, the Art of Mixing zone where all the interactive booths are located! Great place to chill out before the night started. For those who have participate Hennessy Malaysia facebook contest, you can request for a Hennessy ID tag, useful for having funs at selected interactive booths mixing bar & interactive photowall.

Free flow Hennessy for all party animals, to activate our party mood!

The gorgeous emcees of the night VJ Utt & Julie Woon

A very close up shot because they are just standing in front of me (meaning my view in only blocked by these gorgeous peeps :P ). I was so close to the stage. Can you imagine I just have kits lense with me, yet I have those close up shot like below. :)

Landy Wen performance was so great! She’s hot!

Yolande Be Cool I no speak Americano.

Thanks Hennessy Malaysia.

My Happiest Moment

Life is a circle. We born, we raise, we get marry, we give birth to second generation… and on, and on. I guess the best way of capture the moments with camera but no others. While we press the button, all the happy moments are freezed in our memories. Those precious moments that always make us smiles when we look back… I’m kind of home person. I grew up with parents, only moved out after married. All bitter sweet moments I spent with my family was irreplaceable.

 My simple family
dad, mum, me n sis
photo taken during my ROM by Eddy
The perfect person to argue with, we always argue to make thing work in out life. It’s sound weird, and yes we find our solution through special way.
Photo taken when we surviving the first year. :)

I have no any kids yet, but there are two furkids. Given surname of their fur daddy MC, the silky terrier monster named McCoffee and the silly schnauzer girl called McChloe. They both my precious in my life.

The place where them all exist make my happy moment in life.