The Dior haute couture workshops revealed in the first episode: Peeps like us may be so curious how does Dior workshop look like. They are designing, cutting, fitting and sewing the latest dresses to be worn by Marion Cotillard, who is overseeing their work attentively.

From the workshops at 30, avenue Montaigne to the markets of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, Marion Cotillard invites us into her fairy tale life and continues to write the story of a passion-filled union between fashion and cinema.

It’s time for an exclusive photo shoot for Dior, and Marion Cotillard slips into some of the finest haute couture creations by Christian Dior himself.

In a film directed exclusively for the House of Dior, and to the tune of an original song written and sung by Marion Cotillard, the history of Dior comes alive in pictures.

She has been the face of the Lady Dior bag since 2008, the epitome of a sophisticated and vibrant woman. It was, of course, completely natural that Marion Cotillard would go on to design her own bag, her personal Lady Dior, as modern as it is timeless.

From the red carpets of Hollywood to the unveiling of the window displays at the Printemps store in Paris, follow the hectic and extraordinary life of Marion Cotillard. Ever beautiful, ever passionate, forever Dior.

Marion-Cotillard-Peter-Lindbergh-Lady-Dior-Handbags-01It wasn’t very new news in fashion world but the last episode was just released about one week ago. And I gotta admit I am very fascinated with Marion, a very classic French beauty. Photo above was the campaign of Lady Dior Handbags  featured by Marion Cotillard.

Fashion Editor: Patti Wilson
Hair: Odile Gilbert
Makeup: Christophe Danchaud
Photography by Peter Lindbergh |2b Management|

Please visit Dior official website for more information.

Tonight is the 49th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival awards ceremony at Taiwan. Actors, celebrities, artists were dressed up to walk on the red carpet before the entree… I have shortlisted my top 5 favor eye candies…

I love her the most! My favor Lin Chi-Ling 林志玲She’s look so yummy in this sporty-cut back draped white dress.

Number 2 goes to the ultimate beauty Angelababy 杨颖! A simple cut for not-so-simple full bead lace gown embellished with a golden belt, stunning!

My top 2 favor is her, 桂綸鎂 Kwai Lun-mei.  She looks great in this U cut neckline gown, if there any chance for me to style her, I will put her in brighter color. This one just too pale, plus bottom part somehow look like a sleep dress. :P

My favourite number 4: 范曉萱 Mavis Fan! Her tattoo’s so cool.

Miss Number 5 goes to 何韻詩 Denise Ho a.k.a HOCC.  Please don’t ask me why I pick this! I just madly love this stylist of this look 黃偉文 Wyman Wong, one the HK fashion icon. This fuchsia tube dress was inspired by her guru Anita Mui.

The ceremony has just ended, below is the updated winner list:

最佳剧情片Best Feature Film:神探亨特张 Beijing Blues
最佳女主角Best Leading Actress:桂纶镁 Kwai Lun-mei /女朋友。男朋友 GF. BF
最佳男主角Best Leading Actor:刘青云 Sean Lau夺命金 Life Without Principle
最佳女配角Best Supporting Actress: 梁静 /杀生 Design Of Death
最佳男配角Best Supporting Actor:郑中基 Ronald Cheng /低俗喜剧 Vulgaria

最佳导演Best Director:杜琪峯 Johnnie To夺命金 Life Without Principle

观众票选最佳影片: 女朋友。男朋友 GF. BF
最佳新演员Best New Performer:齐溪/浮城谜事 Mystery
最佳创作短片Best Short Film:拾荒少年 The Home Gleaners

最佳造型设计Best Makeup & Costume Design:张世傑/消失的子弹 The Bullet Vanishes

最佳美术设计Best Art Direction:林木/杀生 Design Of Death
最佳摄影Best Cinematography:邬迪/神探亨特张 Beijing Blues
最佳音效Best Sound Effects:曾景祥、黎志雄/大追捕 Night Fall
最佳剪辑Best Film Editing:杨红雨/神探亨特张 Beijing Blues
最佳纪录片Best Documentary:千锤百炼 China Heavyweight
最佳改编剧本Best Adapted Screenplay:鲍鲸鲸/失恋33天 Love Is Not Blind
最佳原著剧本Best Original Screenplay:银河创作组、欧健儿、黄劲辉/夺命金 Life Without Principle
最佳原创电影音乐Best Original Film Score:Peyman Yazdanian、Johann Johannsson/浮城谜事 Mystery
最佳原创电影歌曲Best Original Film Song:罗大佑/DoReMi/高海拔之恋II Romancing In Thin Air
最佳视觉效果Best Visual Effects:金旭、锺智行、Josh Cole/龙门飞甲 Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
最佳动作设计Best Action Choreography:车手 Motorway
最佳新导演Best New Director:张荣吉/逆光飞翔 Touch of the Light
年度台湾傑出电影工作者Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year:黄裕翔
终身成就奬 Lifetime Achievement Award:石隽 Shih Chun

Please click into the official website for more result information.

Good night! :)

It has been a while I didn’t have time to enjoy movie on big screen. I decide to have a movie marathon continuously 3 days! I take it as a small break before jump into next project.


Day 1

It was a sudden decision, so I enjoy this movie alone. The movie is about girls story, girls mind, girls stuff, girls world, suitable to watch with your girls. A good movie always make you think! And is time to tune your mind with positive and optimistic mindset if you are the one who always complaining about your life. Good one!

Day 2

My boyfriend YS is a hardcore person, so normally we don’t watch pussy movie together. This is her option tonight: Contagion. Well, I always follow her as I’m a so-considered-girlfriend.

Frankly, I’m quite disappointed after watching. They hast A-list actors but lousy storyline. I’m Gwyneth Paltrow fans but she died in the beginning! What the…Besides, whole movie was so so bored, I heard lots people yawning.  Obviously this is not a good option for Friday night, it spoiled our mood!

Two shit faces after Contagion!

 Finally chilling session brought us alive~ :)


Day 3 (l)

Mr Mok was forced to watch this by my overbearing manner.The smurf was the great part of my childhood memory. So does Mr Mok, we all are 80s borned babies. The 2011 version brought both of us back to childhood memory. Thumbs up for the smurf! Trust me, you will walk out cinema with smiling face.

I smurf you!


Day 3 (ll)

Okay, this is another bad decision. Who ever haven’t watch, please don’t go. You doesn’t prepare yourself to watch a boring documentary on big screen, don’t you? Yes, Apollo 18 never exist in the Nasa, so just let it be, cos Apollo 18 not suppose to appear in cinema as well.

What I figure it out after watching the movie, that’s all about Gonzalo López-Gallego metaphors Nasa covers up the truth what astronaut get on the moon. So skip the movie, visit directly. Yawn~

not-going-to-step-in-cinema-in-short-term queen