This is my wardrobe styling for Volkswagen through overseas agent from directly from Shanghai. Thank you Pheobe. Whole project was amazing because working with bunch of fabulous young people (The one who look oldest actually one year younger than me #wtf); whole project was exciting because first meeting face to face to showtime merely 48 hrs to get all looks ready. Anyway Queenie Chamber managed to achieve it (applause for myself), thank you team!

The show was started yesterday for first batch of media, followed by tonight second batch of media and then two shows tomorrow open to public. And now I am stealing some time in the styling room blog about what are going on backstage. Some young talented artists here will be wearing some super colour-blocking looks ( these colors never exist in my wardrobe, yet.) styled by me.

queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_02 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_03 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_04 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_05 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_05aMain artists Aidin(guitarist), female vocal Aisha and super cute Sean, they really can sing man!

queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_11_ARTISTSOthers talented artist close up, we have Kaye, Jane, Jun and Michael.queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_06Please take your seats, because all models of Volkswagen will be moving around you. queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_07 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_08 queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_09Video of rehearsal, you can come here tomorrow if wanna watch it for real:
queenie_chamber_volkswagen_show_10Event venue located at Skypark Airport Hanger but not really the place we take our flight, its a private hanger about 15km away from there. If you want to come but cant find actual location, whatapps me (If you have my contact) I can sent you Waze location. K thx bye, is time back to work, see you all in next post.



December, the month we waiting for gift from santa claus. And santa has come early this year, gave us this eye candy fashion show, which all mankind been waiting for: Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014. This is the highlight fashion show of the year, which almost motivate and inspired me the most. Men love it; women want that body. Show was just happened at London few hours ago, all photos courtesy of 凤凰时尚 weibo.

The show was opened up by Behati Prinsloo with very fierce golden wings. VS angels just like angels falling on earth from heaven, who is your favor?


Twins Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio, live show by Ed Sheeran

img-de22acaa863c7b7d71edc17bca848004img-d410d9aaaef53a61dd4f88dc99d70a7fimg-ef92d7e974de6ebda03405182aa4cb7d img-445cea5316fe0b47b2b5653a6fb96229

Taylor Swift performance with fairy angels was a highlight.



Too many clothes on angels, this theme wasn’t my favor. We do not need that much clothings on lingerie show, do you hear us?

img-47714440ca86a3d2e6ed2b0ce464c0d8 img-3aa62f47aff57796638ea4e70d229f8e

Sexy and romance in one, we have Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo, one of the highlight theme of the night!
img-8b78dbbc0b70f868c53b0917ee1a84a5 img-91ae2a40b0f946c2c2ba18212ed7c0e7

The last theme of the night, black and white angels walking on checkboard.

img-061137f8fc1742bf89e4128c61c20195 img-7791c513376218d50a17e11f6213d014 img-43f528bf26a0695db9d2b6fdcd34cabe

img-ce44189c25232229ba7d3f6ad250dd4eTaylor Swift wearing Elie Saab Spring 2014 again, which been wore once in her BLANK SPACE music video, perfect for a fairy look in the VS show. img-54439037d34308d2348fe92d259243b2Ariana Grande performance in pink college theme.

Okay gotta back to work after watching this eye candy show, share it! :)



queenie_chamber_spotlight_00Hands up if you are a DIY freak like me, who always want some unique swag that unable to find out there. DIY animal like us, always thirst for unique material to do the craft thingy, it’ll be better if able to hunt them under one roof. So, please put ours hands together now for the first SPOTLIGHT in Malaysia, arrives Ampang Point shopping center in 3 days! The fabulous place you can shop from parties to knitting.

Spotlight, privately owned and run by Australian family business since 1970s. The success business grown from two brothers helping their parents run a dress fabric stall at Queen Victoria market, to stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and now Malaysia. There are only three days more for public to witness the Australia, New Zealand & Asia’s favourite craft, party, sew, fabric and home interiors superstore!

queenie_chamber_spotlight_01I was totally a happy girl in Spotlight today, seeing a lot of DIY material around. Okay let us start the store tour now…

queenie_chamber_spotlight_02Variety of yarns, displayed neatly on rak for chosen.
queenie_chamber_spotlight_03wide range of yarn for selection, you name it, they have it. Some of them were knit in a small piece sampling. (pix below)

queenie_chamber_spotlight_05Paper craft

queenie_chamber_spotlight_06Fine arts material

queenie_chamber_spotlight_07Sewing accessories from A to Z
queenie_chamber_spotlight_10Fabric options were awesome too, categorized  for costume, dancing, household, dressmaking etc

queenie_chamber_spotlight_11In case you need a brand new sewing machine, trusted brand like Singer & Brother are in option.
* Selected model Brother sewing machines are going crazy sales of 50% OFF at the opening sales.

queenie_chamber_spotlight_12Lace galore

queenie_chamber_spotlight_14Ladies, those fabrics are limited edition in Malaysia, which means there is only satu gulung one roll available in our country. Grab it quickly before they are gone!

queenie_chamber_spotlight_15Calling lion, tiger, leopard… Great fabric for costume.queenie_chamber_spotlight_16You can make beautiful colourful cow costume by using these… (Pix below) And I saw LOTS OF FANTASTIC PRINT FABRIC! Let’s have a look…queenie_chamber_spotlight_17queenie_chamber_spotlight_18queenie_chamber_spotlight_19queenie_chamber_spotlight_20queenie_chamber_spotlight_21queenie_chamber_spotlight_22queenie_chamber_spotlight_23

queenie_chamber_spotlight_24I’m a mother who lost control in Spotlight after seeing all these lovely craft thing. And yes, I’m going to spend ALL of my cash voucher to get some fabulous fabric, for making Lauren some dress.


You can enjoy exclusive 10% off for paper patterns and 10% off on your birthday if you sign up for  Spotlight eClub member now, it’s free! Besides, you will be the first to know every Spotlight sale and receive invitations to exclusive events. Please click here to be VIP member. The doors are open for public on this Saturday 12th July 10am, enjoy your shopping up to 50% off during grand opening sales. For more information, please log on to Spotlight Official FB Page.


KLFW2photo courtesy of Sleper

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2014 just ended yesterday. I didn’t manage to attend any one show as some of you may know the reason: LAUREN! I had been less active in KL major fashion scene lately, but I still care about KL fashion scene sincerely. For me, KL still have a bunch of creative people who working hard for fashion dream. I am so happy to see SOME NEW BLOOD ARE COMING UP IN THIS INDUSTRY, SOME FASHION BLOGGERS COLLABORATE WITH DESIGNERS FORMED A BEAUTIFUL SCENE, FASHIONISTA DARE TO WEAR, FINALLY I SEE SOME DESIGNER PIECE THAT I WANT IT BADLY. I have highlighted some of my favor fashion scenes under #KLFW14 hashtag from IG, where all images copyrights courtesy of individual link, enjoy!

Backstage of klfw.

Models line up before show time.

When street art meets fashion, great innovative ideas from @justin_chew_ x @_nestwo

A beautiful collection from Khoon Hooi

Flights of fancy with ostrich feathers from Khoon Hooi collection

Asian Next Top Model @asntm2‘s Sheena Liam looking chic, sleek and sexy in an @afiqmohamed dress on Day One of @klfashionweek

Sean Loh has lots of positive comment from his latest collection. This is finale that highly impressed with the level of detailing and modern silhouettes from Sean Loh.

A peaked shoulder jacket embroidered with gold cranes, a luxe textured top and slouchy leather pants fron Sean Loh

Everybody’s eyes on @silasliewofficial for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2014

Everybody’s eyes on  @joechia for KLFW RTW 14

@nuritaharith for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW14

Beautiful as usual, @justinyapjy design

Kittieyiyi and Cherriemun in Kittieyiyi first debut collection

Shir Chong in Kittieyiyi polka dot madness suit

Patricia K in Jonathan Liang

Evangeline yan in Jonathan Liang

Cherriemun in Jonathan Liang

Sheena Liam in Khoon Hooi

This oversized clutch with a graphite print by@silasliewofficial in collaboration with @shentonwhite totally caught our attention on the runway @silasliew . I WANT THIS BADLY!

@kittieyiyi‘s playful collection, full of oversized polkadots, pink wigs and battered #sneakers.

A surprisingly wearable #tartan look. @kittieyiyi

Event: Hamleys has arrived Kuala Lumpur!

20131129_153350I have attended pre launch event this noon that made me exciting till now! I have no idea is it about hormone inner me make me exaggerate about toys or the name of Hamleys is too loud since childhood era. The oldest toy store in the world, about 250 years old finest toy shop finally marking its first landmark in South East Asia at our nearby shopping mall One Utama Shopping Centre. Okay, let me shout again: The most iconic British toy store Hamleys will open the first flagship store in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the 30th November, that’s tomorrow! Please enjoy the happening moment from this noon during Hamleys Kuala Lumpur pre opening…

20131129_161355Me & famous Hamleys Bear.

20131129_153847Some media friends said I have been disappear for some time, no worries girls I am still good here, so does my little pony in my bump. :)

Hamleys, me and Hattie!!!
Pony’s so exciting in my bump, she just can’t stop kicking me lol…

20131129_173952Door gift is right at the moment, pony just receive the first ever Barbie in her life before she born, and some gift voucher that me n hubby will be back Hamleys to selected some wonderful toy for pony girl soon.

Dear all, allow me to say again that Hamleys will be officially opened by tomorrow at One Utama Shopping Centre! I think Hamleys definitely a wonderful place to select some fine quality toys as Christmas gift for little one. Please like Hamleys Malaysia fb page for more information.