Craft DIY: How To Make A Pom Pom Elmo?


Material needed as seen: pom pom maker, red yarn, a pair of wiggle eyes, brown felt ball as nose, black felt cut into shape as mouth, some craft glue, scissors.



Cut 1m red yarn, double fold and tie in u shape. Start rolling red yarn in bigger circle of pom pom maker till desire volume.



Once you are done, untie the knot, tie double yarn into yarn ball, tie it as hard as you can to prevent yarn fall out.


After that, use scissors to cut along track in the pom pom maker.


There you go to have a yarn ball like this. Continue to trim it into sphere you will have a nice round red ball like pix below.


Put some craft glue inner ball evenly to secure yarn from falling out. Stick wiggles eyes, nose and mouth on the red fluffy ball and you are done.


Me n Miss Joanne fr giving us tutorial for this cute little elmo.

There is a good news for craft lover who living at PJ area, Spotlight expand its Malaysia second store in IPC Shopping Centre (located at ex Pet Safari store). Massive sale will be take place from 14 till 24 March 2015!





Doors will be bust opened tomorrow 14th March 2015 from 10am! Enjoy your shopping!


20140725_084315 copy





I got this super cute fabric from Spotlight media launch day earlier. After made a dress for bff, there are some leftover, such a waste of throwing away. Hence I decided to made versatile CAT BROOCH, 100% perfect match of that cat dress, on shirt collar,or even a bag. CAT BROOCH look pretty much alike with couture accessory. Now you can have a piece of designer statement jewel, make it by your own self without burning a hole of your wallet. For further detail, please watch the tutorial video below.





IMG_8401 copy

20140725_084305 copy



Staytune for my next tutorial video, I’m going to show you how to make tons of comfortable mittens and soft shoes for your newborn from an old sweater.#recycle #secondlife #queeniechamberdiy #queeniechamberneverstop

Style Pick: Best Gift for Christmas 2013

< PART I : Best Gift for Christmas 2013 >

I was so exciting when I knew there is a little one in my bump. Life is totally changed after all, my brain can’t stop figuring what can I do to wait for his/her arrival in this world. Christmas just around the corner, I used to plan how will I spent these fabulous festival season for myself. But now, my whole world spinning around the bump. I have been thinking of designing something name after him/her, but my previously world has nothing to do in baby’s world. Baby don’t need fantastic fashion stuffs.

Next year is a horse year in Chinese zodiac. I lost an old horse early this year (my dad passed away early this year and he was a horse), I never thought I will bring a new horse family member next year. Hence I came out with this idea, a collection of 12 pieces PONY to CELEBRATE soft toy name after my baby bump. Eleven of them available for sales, and one of them is not for sales (Only my child will have it! :P ) Having a pony is a blessed, the bless of mother to her baby. Each of pony is handmade with love in limited piece. Beside of selling them out, I have reserved one set for this year Christmas Charity Donation (please read the meaningful PART 2 in this post later.) Okay now lets have a look of my pony collection, each of them is uniquely, so do our children…

The only pony with wings, oh ya, normally we called it Pegasus. :)
(Material: PU & Cotton)
All ponies are made in one standard size 24cm tall, 18cm long and 8cm width.

02Red Hair Pony
Material: Corduroy

Christmas 2013 Pony
Material: Poly Cotton
Flower Pony
Material: Cotton

04Jail Break The Pony
Material: Velvet & PU Knit
05Black Lacey Pony
Material: Cotton

08Checker Pony
Material: Cotton

11Fury Pony
Material: Polyester

Silver Pony
Material: PU Knit

07Pop Art Pony
Material: Cotton

12Titanium Pony
Material: PU Leather


The Bad Hair Day Pony will only made for my little one, not for sale. :)

PONY to CELEBRATE soft toy is a pre-order collection, Queenie Chamber Popupstore is now giving out FREE shipping (within Malaysia) & FREE wrapping service during Christmas promotion. The beauty of ordering my collection is not just filling up your own mailing address but also your loves one, which means you can buy PONY to CELEBRATE soft toys and I wrap in nicely sent it out as Christmas presents to the doorstep of your love one. Please click here to place your order.

20131201_112830PONY to CELEBRATE is now available to order through partner stockist Simplylife Yoga ( Rivercity, Jalan Ipoh)


<Part ll : Calling Pre-Love Toy for Charity Donation >

As I mentioned earlier, I have reserved a set of  PONY to CELEBRATE soft toy for charity donation to orphanage. I have a picture of future that my kids will be shower with tons of love after born, and I’m pretty sure about parents who are reading my post right here will do the same to your kids too (no matter kids or furkids). But there are a bunch of unfortunately somewhere in orphanage who might never receive even a small gift before.

So, I’m here not to beg for big bucks but just some second hand toys for donation. Do you have some toys that you might never want to play anymore? Hope you can dig something out from cupboard, clean them and spread some love to the orphans. Of cos you are welcome to buy my PONY to CELEBRATE soft toy as donation too. I will collect pre-love toys and wrap them nicely before sent out to orphanage. You might wanna know where will I sent them out, well is depend on how many toys can I get it here, then decision will be made and announce after.

There are some stations you can sent your pre-love toys to:
PJ area ( One Utama/ SS2/ Tropicana): Whatapps me 012 278 1181 let meet up at some landmark and pass to me.
Kepong area (Sri Damansara/ Aman Puri/ Manjalara) : You can pass to La Castle Restaurant.
Jalan Ipoh area: You can pass to Simplylife Yoga.

Christmas is season full with love, lets spread them out together!

Nail DIY: Beautiful Like A Bird


This is a DIY inspired by the nature beauty of bird feathers. Steps are very simple, all you need is transparent nail base coat & top coat, some beautiful feathers picked from accessories store or your unwanted accessories, orange stick and a pair of small scissor.

Step 1: Figure the size of your nail and cut the shape out, prepare aside.

Step 2: Paint a layer of transparent base coat, before it dry apply the feather on top, press with orange stick.

Step 3: Touch up the feather according your nail shape.

Step 4: apply few layers of topcoat as needed for protection.

Here you are done. Happy weekend with for some fun DIY!

Happy Saturday!


My Travel Story Chapter 2: Thai Food

To all of my dear readers, you are warned that this post is not suitable to be viewed with empty stomach. You will be feed with thirty over irresistible food pix later. All food pix are taken during mt last trip, bloggers always feed their camera before feeding their mouth.

Coconut, spelling of an old-fashioned form of the word. The term is derived from 16th century Portuguese and Spanish cocos, meaning “grinning face”, from the three small holes on the coconut shell that resemble human facial features (source fr here). Coconut seen everywhere in Thailand, coconut water is the my favor drink, good for reducing your body inner heat.

Experiencing this delightful and refreshing cocktail with coconut milk as its ingredient at Blue Mango Restaurant, luv luv luv!

Okay, when we said Thai food, we can’t miss out tom yum! Its widely served in Thailand. Four of us have been craving this drooling dish almost everymeal, unless three of us was food poison in middle of the trip.

Pad Thai, from Blue Mango Restaurant.

We at Blue Mango.


Royal Tandoor at Krabi, owned by Indian boss, to be truth their in Indian food is super good yet Thai food was so so only.

Yes, we let our camera eat first.

Lime steam fish.

Ying Li doing a good wife duty, me the bad wife know take photo only, hehe…

Highly recommended their green curry chicken, the best I have tasted so far. Small portion (about six tiny chunks chic meat) in the bowl for 200 baht.


Chang beer, every where in Thai.


Four of us hubby, me ying li n khai having breakkie in our hotel, La Playa Resort. Typical hotel food but it was good.


We go sapu Ao Nang Night Market (closed on Thursday).
Get location: 8.032833,98.82575511932373
Dear food lovers, here’s the cheap food heaven!

A hawker stall near junction of Ao Nang Night Market. Don’t really understand what was written on menu, we order by pointing the food out. ^^

Super stew pork leg.

Don’t really know what is this, I can’t read Thai but taste good also.

Fried chicken dish, thumbs up! From the same stall as well.

Steam water chestnut, the first stall at the entrance of night market. The little stall was nicely decorated by pandan-leaf-fold roses.

I told the lady boss the roses are beautiful, she made one for me instantly. ^^

Look good but didn’t try out, my stomach running full…

Guess their typical way of ikan bakar, saw them in Bangkok before.

Nangka jeruk?

Sweet dessert, have no idea what’s it made of. The owner cant speak English I can’t speak Thai, I only know swadeekap kap kap kap…

I grab frozen yogurt at this stall as my dessert.

Not kidding, they are really pure juice.


Street hawker food: Pancake

Street hawker food: Monkey noodle
I am not sure the boss kidding on it or it really called that funny name. It was the last bowl when I go near the stall and it was belong to someone else, so didn’t try out this, guess it taste good.

Thai is an art place, they emphasize the beauty of display, even just a piece of pineapple.

Street hawker food: prawn tempura


Okay, I am very very fascinated in this dish: Som Tam!!! I saw a stall surrounded by local people and tourist, I go near to check it out. It was just like local rojak, he sliced everything inside a mortar, pour in seasoning then mix everything well. It can be eaten like this or served with noodles. I can’t resist how tasty it is after first bite.

I observe what he got in his stall, and I swear I go back I must make my own! ^^

Tada, here you are! My version of Som Tam in Queenie kitchen! I am using:

extra virgin olive oil (I swap oil dressing to olive oil , the only oil I have in my house. ><)
cincalok ( made from Malaka one, hahaha)
fish sauce
the greenest papaya I pick from grocer store
long beans
lemon juice (it suppose using lime juice actually)
cili padi

I slice my papaya in this way.

Everything sliced then pour in seasoning according your taste.

Chilled and served.
I have been keep making this dish almost twice a week since back from Krabi…


More pix coming up in chapter 3 next week, bye bye~