Beauty Review: Vaseline Body Serum



We love and we hate exam. We love study actually just worry can’t memorize content in head.
Because we always want the best result.


When come to skincare products, we have tons of choices on rak.
We have phobia in selection too, can all products absorbed into skin for its full benefits?


It would be easier to understand, serum in smaller size proven easier to be absorbed into our skin compare with lotions.
However, Vaseline Body serum range offers up to 10 times more skin benefits without the sticky feel.


Vaseline Body Serum range:
1)    Total Moisture Nourishing gives 10 times the moisturizing boost, keeping the skin nourished all day.
2)    Healthy White SPF 30 serum offers 3 times skin fairness protection with its concentrated UVB and UVA formula while Vitamin B3 helps to achieve lighter and brighter skin tone.
3)    Healthy White Perfect 10 Serum offers 10 times the anti-aging benefits thus keeping skin looking younger and fairer.

The body serum range contains lightweight formula allowing faster and deeper absorption into the skin and provides high efficacy with its concentrated ingredients, as compared to body lotions. Wonder if they will burn a hole of your wallet? You can stop worrying because 180ml just cost you about RM19.90 For more information please visit Vaseline official website.


queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_02About a month ago, Mon Cheri was launched Le Fleur de Lis ( which means Lily Collection), the latest skincare line at Cantaloupe Sky Dining Restaurant, The Troika. I was invited there, thank you! Mon Cheri Essentials skin care fulled with goodness of organic botanical extracts, cleanse and repairs skin. Just stated as they promise, let your skin experience timesless beauty, when you know how to love and to be loved.

Madonna Lily extract, is used in this collection has an excellent moisturising and regenerating properties to hydrate, sooth and soften skin (like Lauren, perhaps). Whole collection comes in different ranges to suit individual need: Normal to combination skin, oily skin, dry & sensitive skin and aging & sun damage skin. Each range comprises of Gentle Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser. All of them are very ORGANIC because they are PARABEN-FREE, MINETRAL OIL FREE, SLS-FREE, LANOLIN-FREE and FRAGRANCE FREE. Hence all scent are purely from essensial oil, great to know our skin is safe with Mon Cheri.
Mon Chéri Group Shot 1

Cleanse, tone and moisturise are the three basic fundamentals of proper skincare, if you want to have glowing healthy skin.

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_05 queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_06We have a very young entrepreneur Caroline Oi, CEO of Mon Cheri Essentials (left) and super hot mom Serena C (her baby just 5 months old) #icantbelieveit

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_10This young lady is just 30 years old, already achieved her dream by creating a successful beauty brand Mon Cheri Essentials. Her skin is FLAWLESS when I looking her close up, no joke. Me and Caroline Oi.

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_09  Mon Chéri Launch -10Launching was perfectly ended up with high tea, the sweet tooth proved that desserts were good, worth for a 3 hours run to burn calories off. Brick-like peanut butter cake was displayed randomly on table, I silly-silly ask if they are food. Waiter answered YES YOU CAN HAVE IT BUT DON’T EAT THE STONES! #lmfao

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_07My skin type change after birth of Lauren, hormone the main reason of women trouble. Thus I have my full OILY SKIN range of Mon Cheri Le Fleur de Lis in my goodies bag, THANK YOU again! Seriously I just can’t wait to try it out…


queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_11Love x100 when looking at the box, so French!

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_12When you open up the box, you will see this first…

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_13Three cylinder boxes in the box, cute! love x 1000
queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_14Super excited, can’t wait to buka unwrap them all!

Our senses never lie. Out of our five senses see, smell, touch, hear & taste, Mon Cheri Essentials white Lily Skin care give me three, at least. Look at their cuteness overloaded packaging, I bet all GIRLS probably might fall in love when you see it. I woudn’t want to throw them away for sure after finish using products. The box are just perfect to store up my tiny little things. Open up the cap smell the essential, I am fully in love again, with its soothing essentials oil

If you are headache what to shop for your gf/bff/sista/wifey/aunty/gradma for coming Christmas, trust me Mon Cheri will do a great job for you. You don’t even need to waste money to get an extra box to wrap it. Your woman will thank you so much as WOMEN ARE MADE TO BE LOVED, I have to say that! So, spoil your love one with 180ml Gentle Cleanser (RM80), 180ml Toner (RM96) & 50ml Moisturiser (RM125) or grab the full LILY COLLECTION SET (RM280) which is same as mine. Shop them here.

Please check Mon Cheri Essentials official site for more information, and also follow for the latest news.



A lot of girlfriends told me YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TIME FOR SELF-PAMPERING SESSION ANYMORE WHEN YOU HAVE A BABY. I thought it was some jokes because hubby always can help mar. Seriously I didn’t sit in any hair salon for more than two hours (some basic hair wash & hair cut just fine, sitting there more than 3 hours for coloring & perms are too luxury for new-mom-without-nanny). The same thing never happen in nail bar too. But still, I still manage to have some ME-TIME…in own bathroom. Luckily Lauren daddy willing to help most of the time, hence my highlight of the week always happen on weekend. The best moment I could have,  no matter a long hot shower, a detoxifying body scrub, a nourishing hair treatment, even simple mani pedi will wash my tiredness away. It wasn’t easy to be a full time mommy, or I should say it wasn’t easy to be a radiant full time mommy, as we need to put our baby in priority HEALTHY AND HAPPY, cook and maintain our house clean (Oh yeah I don’t have any maid neither), in the same time we still wish to look radiant  from head to toes.

06Thanks to Scholl, I received a starter set of SCHOLL VELVET SMOOTH EXPRESS PEDI with TWO REPLACEABLE ROLLER HEADS last week during media launch. You know what? I no longer need to filing my foot like playing violin with foot file anymore. Filing is pretty tiring job too. The result is even better professional foot spa session ( I bet most of them are still using traditional foot file). Want to know more, please enjoy video below:

03 04

Thank to the leading foot expert, Scholl for this simple yet handy electronic foot innovation, let me file those dead skin off in brushing-a-teeth time. Girls we all know Malaysia  is a 12-months-summer country, open toes sandals are essentials in these hot day. I ‘m confident to say my feet are ready for sandals, or wait, gimme three minute for instant pedi session. Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi comes with a fast rotating Micralumina roller head, able to removes my dry skin effortlessly (For best results, apply lotion after). It seriously convenience and comfort. But caution when cleaning the device:, you can only wash the roller head but not the electronic body. Normally I wiped the device with a damp towel.

Nowaday not only women, men enjoy pedicure too. Not for fancy gel nail but a clean and neat appearance. Of cos I will share my Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi with my hubby too. If you worry about hygiene issue, grab your family pack of roller heads refill pack with two pieces inside, problem solved. Nowadays consumers are smart, they do calculation before purchase. Let us do some calculation here: One refill pack cost you RM49.90, one roller head cost RM24.95. One roller can be used up to 12 times, which means each usage only cost you RM2.08. Now girls, please tell me how much you spent in nail bar everytime for basic pedicure session?


If you wish to experience the new Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, please mark your calendar on 6 to 10 August 2014 1030am to 930pm. You are cordially invite to enjoy a foot pampering session at One Utama Shopping Centre (Concourse, Old Wing). If you refer your bff to VELVETSMOOTH OFFICIAL WEB,you are entitled to a special discount voucher that may accumulate up to nearly 20 % off the product. For more information please visit, share your experiences with us under #myvelvetsmooth

05me with giant Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, earlier at media launch last week.



After Calendula Herbal Extract Toner won number 4 of 2013 customer favorites among ten Kiehl’s fabulous products, Kiehl’s launches another seriously good Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash this year. Carry on the benefit of calendula flower power, Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash is paraben-free, and very gentle to skin.


After knowing goodness of calendula flower extract, Kiehl’s chemists have relied the power of selected ingredients to balance their highly effective yet gentle formulation. If you want to achieve healthy looking skin, begins with respecting the skin barrier. Harsh cleansers such as alkaline based ones can damage the skin barrier. Once there are tiny cracks in the skin barrier, it increases the possibility of irritation and allergies. When cleansing the face, using a soap-free formula is an integral part of maintaining the skin barrier function.

Kiehl’s carefully selected an amino acid-based surfactant to cleanse deeply. When you watch my video (above), you can notice a small amount of  Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash able to form rich foam, cleanse not only dirt and oil, but also makeup like eyeliner and lipcolor away. Calendula Flower Extract able to sooth my skin, and Glycerin, for its ability to pull moisture from the air to replenish and help keep my skin hydrated.

Kiehl’s since 1851, the brand who confident very their high reputation products. They encourage you walk in their store to try their products, ensure you walk out with some complimentary samples. They didn’t invest budget in fancy advertisement, but giving out samples for let customer try. Even a 30 days refundable satisfaction guarantee, if you are seriously not happy with what you have bought. Yet I’m here to tell you YOUR SKIN WOULDN’T LET YOU DO SO, BECAUSE YOUR SKIN ALREADY FALL IN LOVE WITH KIEHL’S.


Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner was introduced in year 1960’s, formulated with hand-picked Marigold flower petals. This iconic formula is already 50 years old, still worldwide customer favorite. Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner available in 3 sizes: 125ml for RM80, 250ml for RM135 & 500ml for RM210.

Inspired by Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner, Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash is recommended for normal to oily skin, available in 230ml for RM105. You can grab them home from July 2014 onwards at your nearest Kiehl’s stores.

For more information, please visit Kiehl’s official site, like Kiehl’s FB page for latest news.

Beauty Review: Payot EXPERT POINT NOIRS


20140612_131917Malaysia is a freaking hot country, and sebum is the main course of all skin problem. My 33 years old skin still breakout  sometimes!  It doesn’t mean world end anyway, because I have found my another combat pimple hero. Prevention always better before it happen. I received this EXPERT POINTS NOIRS, a formula with 3 levels of actions on the pores. A very refreshing cream gel you should always keep on your dressing table after tested(pix below)! The unique formula brings 3 levels of action to fight blackheads: it deep-cleanses the skin, unclogs and retightens the pores. A must-have product in this HOT season!


Chilean mint extract regulates seborrhea. Prevents the appearance of inflammation that leads to cutaneous imperfections.
Zinc extract limits sebaceous secretion and normalises sebum levels.

Glycolic acid 3% delivers deep-down peeling action.

Rose fruit extract with astringent action regulates the skin’s keratinisation process, reduces the unsightly appearance of dilated pores, in addition to smoothing and refining skin texture.

I applied EXPERT POINTS NOIRS morning and before-bed-time all over cleansed and toned face, followed by serums and night cream. I seriously love my instantly matified skin, and its unique fragrant scent. Grab EXPERT POINTS NOIRS home at the price (30ml) RM150(WM)/ RM158 (EM).

queenie_chamber_payot_3Payot Expert Purete is newly landed in Malaysia, available in your nearby salon starting from June onward.

queenie_chamber_payot_2Being a blogger, I’m truly appreciate that we are always priority to try out some quality skincare. I’m the spoiled one I know. Here I am with Aurelia, International Trainer of Payot Payot fly all over from Paris.


Payot is a salon brand, where bring skincare to even greater heights. Now Payot also offers a brand new salon treatment with a unique protocol for clean and perfectly pure skin PURI SOLUTION A ONE-HOUR TREATMENT DESIGNED FOR COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN. THE BEAUTY SOLUTION FOR PURIFYING SKIN AND CORRECTING IMPERFECTIONS. Owned a purified, rebalanced matte skin in 105 minutes, price range starting from RM258.