LOVE IS ON WITH Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks & Lip Lacquer

Revlon’s global campaign LOVE IS ON™ complements the launch of the Ultra HD™ Lipsticks and Lip Lacquer. Revlon is in a mission to inspire love and connect with people all around the world. LOVE IS ON brings far more meaning to women than just being a simple tagline. It’s all about how a woman feels when she’s putting on her makeup. Revlon want her to feel love.

queenie_chamber_revlon_love_is_on_01I am trying out Revlon Lip Lacquer during Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks & Lip Lacquer launching event.queenie_chamber_revlon_love_is_on_03

The Ultra HD™ Lipsticks and Lip Lacquer feature a revolutionary and patent-pending wax-free gel technology. The capable of suspending more colour pigments to deliver brighter, bolder and high resolution colours without the heavy wax feeling associated with conventional lip products. Ultra HD™ Lipstick is a must have for matte lip look, giving your lips full coverage with incredibly vivid and intense colour. Ultra HD™ Lipstick and Lip Lacquer name after beautiful flowers and gems. 8 shades of Ultra HD Lipstick: HD Gladiolus, HD Hydrangea, HD Azalea, HD Poinsettia, HD Tulip, HD Hibiscus, HD Orchid and HD Petunia. However Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer comes in 6 high-definition shades. They are HD Pink Ruby, HD Garnet, HD Petalite, HD Strawberry Topaz, HD Smoky Quartz, and HD Pink Sapphire. They are now available in all major pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide. For more information about Revlon Ultra HD™ Lipsticks & Lip Lacquer, please visit

Beauty Review: Mary Cohr Catio Vital Deluxe Treatment, Firm and Lift Face Even Without Exercise


As a full-time-mom plus freelance designer cum blogger, I almost switch myself in to hibernate mode when everything done at the end of day. Seriously I don’t have much energy to do any single exercise, even a 3-reap-10-times cardio whatever. I feel so bad seeing dumbbell gumball covered with dust. Motherhood is just too exhausted.

One day I received an email from a beautiful lady boss from La Pétales Beauty Consultancy. She offered Queenie Chamber a beauty review of Catio Vital Deluxe Treatment, which can let my face sweat like after-run and face muscles contoured like after-gym, I replied YES without thinking twice.

queeniechamber_mary_cohr_beauty_review_03aFirst I would like to introduce this beautiful monster who make the magic happen. *Sprinkling fairy dust~ It was made in France, meaning it’s totally safe to use ( keep reading you will understand).


First of all, my face was gently cleansed. Followed by another deeply cleanse, target the sebaceous and sweat glands. Thermal mask causing skin warm and sweat, imagine you lying on beauty room so comfy but you face cells are running ten thousands miles. The warm face mask make me comfortable, indeed. Much more than a traditional beauty care treatment, Catio Vital is a fully unique and revolutionary method that leaves my skin visibly more beautiful in less than one hour. This treatment deep-cleanses the skin, thanks to the “sauna effect” of thermal mask, which helps my skin breathe freely and effectively absorb the active ingredients. *Sprinkling fairy dust~

Gentle amount of MARY COHR skincare applied on my face, beautician gently massage my face by using device shown in pix above. Screen will shown how much of ingredients can be absorbed in to skin by conducting circuit negative and positive. Hence I have to state again the device is imported from France (Heard from lady boss, it’s pretty expensive) with steady circuit supply, hence you can sit back relax enjoy your facial without worrying it burn you into a roast chic. In this part, penetration of skincare actives to meet each beauty target.

To unblocks lymphatic circulation under the skin and boost the elimination of toxin, perfect for people who are lazy to workout like me. Catio Lift works deep down by stimulating facial muscles, which recover their tone, beautifully firming skin. My facial features appear spectacularly lifted. Accordingly, facial contour is reshaped and wrinkles are visibly diminished. *Sparkling magical fairy dust again~ Look at pix below and spot the differences of before (left) and after (right), I believe you guys have sharp eyes than mine.



When come to facial treatment, this is best part ( we love to be pampered don’t we?). Nourishes, generates and firms my skin with beauty energy of Essential Oils, thus the lifting effect lasts even longer. For a radiant skin!

queeniechamber_mary_cohr_beauty_review_06Catio Vital Dual Ionisation and Catio Vital Lift actually are categorized in two separate treatment at RM498 and RM298 respectively. Of course girls you all deserve to have the best thing together, so call Catio Vital Deluxe Treatment (RM598) same as mine. No worries it burn a hole of your wallet because you will entitled a 50% OFF with quote of QUEENIECHAMBER. So make you appointment at La Pétales now via +60178706333, they have other attractive packages in menu for chosen.


queeniechamber_mary_cohr_beauty_review_09La Pétales Beauty Consultancy
Location: Sunway Giza Mall , Block D 2nd Floor S.08 , Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business Hour: (Mon-Sun) 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Click here to know more about MARY COHR, like La Pétales Beauty Consultancy FB Page for updated news. If you have any skin problem wish to ask Kai Li you can contact her via namecard.

queeniechamber_mary_cohr_beauty_review_08La Pétales Beauty Consultancy featuring in Sister Magazine MAY 2015.
queeniechamber_mary_cohr_beauty_review_10Me and the beautiful lady boss Tan Kai Li. :)


IMG_20150621_133438 copyAs a mom, I prefer using more natural products on my little Lauren, and I believe every moms do so. Months ago I received some made-in-France products from Mustela®, Mustela® is a revolutionize skincare brand with wide range of products from the-day-you-pregnant to your baby borned. 10 years, they using a ten years long of research to an unprecedented dermatological discovery. A reserve of original cells that are needed for a lifetime, but are vulnerable. I believe that using the right products protecting Lauren skin now are crucial to have beautiful skin in future.

IMG_20150621_133801 copy

Mustela®, a 60 years expert on baby skin has launched wide range of baby skincare products with paraben phthalate phenoxyethanol free and 92% ingredients of natural origin. Which means it’s safe for newborn. If you wan to know more about Mustela® details, please visit their official website, Yes you should do so because they have very detailed guidance from pregnant to mother, even a pregnant-mother.

Where can I get it? Mustela® are available in Robinson, Isetan KLCC, Pillbox Pharmacy (SkyPark Terminal), Baby Palace, Modern Mum & Mothercare stores. You can call +6-03-74910066 for further enquiry. Please like Mustela® FB page for latest updates.

IMG_20150621_133757 copy

Beauty Review: Loreal Curl Impact Collagene Curl Fixing Volume Mascara

Normally I’ll throw away any mascara every 6 months even I didn’t wear makeup everyday. For me, hygiene is important than everything. I have been sourcing some affordable open rack product in drugstores. And I found this, Loreal Curl Impact with added collagene. Collagene, I bet every lady’s eyes bling when heard this word!

This is the result of applying one layer on my eye. You are right, just one layer. I’m quite satisfy with the result. :) Great stuff great stuff, this mascara  retail at RM59.90, grab it from your nearby drugstore.

Beauty Review: Revlon Colorburst

Red is blood
Red is anger
Red is life
Red is destruction

 I’m so obssessed with RED now.

Finally I found the flaming red that match my yellowish skin tone,
Revlon Colorburst is kissing me now. :)