CNY Fashion Tips: Five Fabulous Looks to Press Start Your Horse Year!

Time flies and next Friday is CNY! I kinda love our Chinese tradition that we must wear all new clothes from in to out, from top to bottom. This tradition let us shop and shop without any other excuse. Heehee… Some of you may have no clue about what kind of new look yet, hence, I have shortlisted five fabulous looks that might give you a little clue. I just found out there is a fantastic shopping website Off The Rack Asia where can let me try  out variety looks, and budget control as well. Okay lets check my favor picks now!

01_queenie_chamber_cny_lookaLOOK 1: CNY EVE DINNER
CNY eve reunion dinner is a must for every Chinese family. I pick a Duchess & Co Kaleidoscope Mesh Rosette Hem Dress for this warm moment, All For The Want of a Horseshoe Gold Nail Wrap Ring to symbolize wealth, very-eye-catching yellow Mia Oversized Envelope Clutch, pair with a easy-matching nude color Tie The Knot Peep Toe Heels. Oops, bit costly for this look? This dress is now having great deal of 15% off in OTR Asia.

02_queenie_chamber_cny_lookLOOK 2: CNY DAY 1
Ang ang (Red) is my top choice to wear on first day of CNY. Dutchess & Co Red Lapel Midi Dress paired with same nude pump (yes, nude color footwear goes well with most color), highlight the look with Chevron Tribal Drop Earrings and Rose Gold Finespun Cuff. Vanessa Crossbody Bag, we definitely need a nice bag for angpau collection. 

Enough for red? Let’s try out spring colour. Duchess & Co very-sweet Blue Sweetheart Crop Top pairing with Silk Midi Skirt, goes well with same nude pump and yellow Mia Oversized Envelope Clutch too. Accessorized with girly touch of Enamel Octopus Ring and Crown Stud Earrings.

This is a very retro edgy look, Houndstooth Collar Dress from Clothes Inc. Highlight the look with same yellow clutch and yellow Tassel Drop Earrings.

03_queenie_chamber_cny_lookaLOOK 5: CNY DAY 4
Yellow Rosette Yoke Dress from Duchess & Co, accessorize with Multi Color Stone Diamante Necklace and Heart & Angel Ring. . And yes, if you notice, I repeat the same Mia Oversized Envelope Clutch and nude pump again.


1 Understand your own style, determined key piece to create different looks.
2 Lock down for easy-matching items, because you may repeat wearing them in a season, bucks saver okay?
3 Online shopping is a brilliant idea for fast paced girls. Off The Rack Asia provides Explore Looks, let us explore different looks with budget control, instantly.

OTR Asia  is an online shopping website offering a curated collection of accessible fashion from Brands & Designers from around the world. Feel insecure of online shopping because you can’t feel the real goods? No worries, OTR Asia now is having Pop Up Sales! Lots of local and international branded wear in amazing deals. Mark your calenders 24th to 26th January at Pop by Jaya One for more surprise!

06_queenie_chamber_cny_look_pop_up_salePlease like Off The Rack Asia page for latest update.

Italian Fashion Lenses Giveaway: MACTTALIC by ADORE


I couldn’t deny color fashion lenses is part of the OOTD nowadays. Today, the third day wearing Macttalic Italian fashion lenses which received last week. Normally I only purchase trusted brand from trusted optical store, we only have two precious eyes in our life okay. Since this Macttalic contact lenses stated clearly exclusive from Focus Point, so why don’t I give it a try. And yes, I felt pretty comfy in Macttalic. Now lets unbox the Macttalic…

Untitled-1Macttalic is a monthly disposable lenses. Two pieces of 14.5mm colors lenses in a very stylish black elegance protective case, together with instruction notes. Up to 5 vibrant colors for chosen, effortlessly give you bigger eyes.  Extra function such as UV protection to keep your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Okay now let my eyes do the talking…

20131119_125412b I am in grey color lenses. Look at the difference of indoor & outdoor light, both looks natural and easy matching with most of my daily outfit.


Good news to all Queenie Chamber’s readers, two pairs of Macttalic will be sponsoring a giveaway. Just follow steps below:

  1. LIKE MACTTALIC on Facebook.
  2. Comment my post by answering “Why do you want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens?”
    ( Please include your name & email, winner will be contacted on 31st December 2013. )

Basic CMYK*Macttalic is exclusively available in Focus Point ONLY.


If you are Hello Kitty fans, now you can get a free premium Hello Kitty Eau Detoilette (5ml) by buying 2 boxes of Macttalic. Catch your favor color on the following date:
Red color collection
25 Nov-1 Dec 2013
Blue color collection
2-8 Dec 2013
Purple color collection
9-15 Dec 2013
Pink color collection
23-31 Dec 2013

Monday Big Surprise 16 September: Further Markdown of CARDISCARF

Queenie Chamber Popupstore is going to have crazy deal on selected Mondays. Yes, Monday! The most-blue day among the week but QCP is going to cheer you up with fabulous markdown, awesome giveaway, super deal, etc…. So mark your calender on those selected Mondays, check my web frequently for further update. The easiest way definitely follow Queenie Chamber for free update to your mailbox.

The first item will be further marked down is CARDISCARF. The innovation short sleeve cardigan knitwear, attached with a loop scarf, where provides you 3 LOOKS IN 1 PIECE. You can either drag it to the back, drop it in front or double loop it as a scarf. CARDISCARF is available in black & white, free size.

insta16aWhere to get it?
CARDISCARF is only available in Queenie Chamber Popupstore.

How to get it?
CARDISCARF is only available in shipping method.
*Click here to read policy.

When can I get my CARDISCARF with rm39?
Feature in Monday Big Surprise on date 16 Sept, you can grab your piece of CARDISCARF on special rate of rm39. Place your order here, email to on 16th Sept during business hour 10am-6pm.

<Happy shopping>

Talika Body Shaping Challenge!

01_queenie_chamber_talika_launchIt was great to know there are some reliable products to boost better curve on our body. I attended Talika launching event month ago, click here for the official beauty news in QE3. Month later, Queenie Chamber was invited to take the body shaping challenge, of course I say YES to it!



I am sure that most of girls hate the ugly truth of our body so much: When we gain weight tummy the first part bulge, but if we lost weight bust size reduce. Aging and gravity treat us cruelly by pulling everything down. These facts truly troubling me for long time! I could hardly resist good food, in another way busy controlling my weight. I really need some awesome products to maintain my curve. I really appreciate Talika for products sponsored to solve my problem. Okay now let us learn more what am I actually going to use on my body:

Bust Phytoserum, 50ml RM215
Bust Phytoserum consisted plant based formula made from phyto-volumising complex composed of mangosteen, quince, sea kelp bioferment. The first bust serum was introduced in year 2009, helps to firm and boost bust volume. Bust Serum 2.0 was re-introduced in year 2011, formulated with hyaluronic acid for greater hydration. In year 2013, Bust Phytoserum come with more plant-based active ingredients which intensity the enhancement of plumper, fuller and curvier breast.

Back Up 3D, 50ml RM190
Back Up 3D, the first ever product focuses on lifting and shape-up the buttocks  in the market. It helps to attack stubborn excess fats, reshapes for firmer looking buttocks, meanwhile fights water retention as well as cellulite, smoothen, plumps and tones skin. If you ask why we can’t use Bust  Phytoserum to firm out butt? The answer is very simple, tissues and structure of bust and butt are different, hence we need different treatment for our buttocks.

One thing I have to let all of you understand about NATURAL AND SAFE of using any product, the result won’t give us immediate impact. You may look different instantly after few hours if you choose path of plastic surgery, or chemical reaction may give you a fast result. Yet, major ingredient of Bust Phytoserum & Back Up 3D are from natural,  result may shown after consistent usage in quite sometime. Hence I accept Talika 28 days challenge to see my result!

The journey is just started! Please follow me @queeniechamber in twitter and instagram for more information, you are welcome to interact with me with #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge . There is a CONTEST will be running at the end of challenge, some fabulous Talika  products will be given away to whom able to answer my question during the journey. Stay tune and good luck!

Redeem Your Slimming Session Worth RM468 at London Weight Management Now!

01 feature

Ladies, who of you don’t want to be slimmer and healthier? Slim silhouette let you stay confidently! Now London Weight Management has the promise of challenging yourself to a slimmer silhouette. I have tried my own last week, pretty satisfying result (shown in this post later). I think most of my friends know me as socialize fellow who enjoys food and beer so much. My weight at my height is slightly over, I knew it but never take action. Thanks to London Weight Management, here’s my first time ever visit slimming center in my life.

London Weight Management is the no.1 weight loss program breakthrough that has been widely received in Europe. The birth of London Weight Management has brought new hope to women who have been battling weight problems such as post-natal weight gain, cellulite problems, flabby tummy & thighs and many more. Being overweight predisposes one to health risks and psychological effects from social discrimination. London Weight Management has been accorded numerous awards* for its effective weight loss problem in Malaysia, including 2011 Most Recommended Brand by Consumers 2011, No. 1 Most Trusted Brand by Consumers 2011, No.1 Most Established Brand 2011 and No.1 Leading Brand in Slimming 2011.

Step 1: One-to-One Personalized Consultation
First, London Weight Management’s Slimming Consultants will examine and provide a detailed analysis of my physical condition. The type of weight problems will be identified and the suitable treatment will be recommended to help me achieve my ideal figure and weight.

London’s Signature Lavender Slimming Treatment
I will have my LST later, which guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss in the first session. London Weight Management assures No Pills, No Injections, No Crash Diet and No Strenuous Exercises for all its treatments. I just can’t wait to see my result later…

Step 2: Steam
I was sent in a room for hot steam. This is truly an exhilarating experience, steam treatment will invigorate the mind and soul from daily stresses. Hot steam opens up the body pores to maximize results from the following treatment steps. Benefits of the steam treatment include draining out excess water from the body and improving blood circulation.

Step 3: Lavender Scrub
I was enjoying  this lavender scrub so much, as it provides more than just stress and tension relief, so relax for a softer smooth skin while dead skin cells are scrubbed away.

Step 4: Hot Blanket
After scrub. I was wrapped with plastic, covered with hot blanket. The dual function of the hot blanket helps my body flushed excess water and toxin, as well as refreshes the fatigue body.  Now I not much different as a marinated chicken, oh yeah my zodiac is roaster! hehe…

After this step, I was lead to shower. Oops, no pic for that. :P

08Step 5: Ampoule & Machine
Next, ampoule applied all over my body, and I was ready for the fat burning session. Imagine exercising while lying down!  London’s fat-burning ampoule burns fat for up to 12 hours! Machine treatment will stimulate the muscles and boost body’s metabolism. Together, ampoule and machine treatment will break up stubborn fat deposits in the body and burn it.

07I was relaxing but the machine was working. This treatment equal to:
360 times sit up, or
2 hrs of walking, or
2.4km of running, or
2 hrs of weight lifting!

But myself just had a nap there for 30 min, sounds great isn’t it?


20130716_150426Okay, here’s my result! I lost total 95cm and 700g!

I had my session at  The Curve where nearest to my house, with May, the very passionate consultant.
(I had so many silly question to ask since this is my first ever visit heeheee…)

Okay, now you may ask how can you redeem your own session of slimming session worth RM468? First, you must be new female customer of London Weight Management and aged 22 and above, you think you have weight problem, then you can enjoy FREE London Slimming treatment and Product Kit worth RM468. Please click here to redeem, or SMS: TV<space>BLG to 32828 (RM1/SMS) . For more enquiries, please contact Audrey Ting at or call +603-2080 6944.


London’s Slimming Product Kit
London Weight Management Slimming Product Kit is very attractive! To ensure each of you experience effective results, you will take home a complimentary home kit to try out at the comfort of their home. Product kits includes: one pack of sea salt scrub, 15ml of trimming gel, 15ml of trim fluid and a red hot London bag.

Ladies, wish you all stay slim and healthy!