queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_02About a month ago, Mon Cheri was launched Le Fleur de Lis ( which means Lily Collection), the latest skincare line at Cantaloupe Sky Dining Restaurant, The Troika. I was invited there, thank you! Mon Cheri Essentials skin care fulled with goodness of organic botanical extracts, cleanse and repairs skin. Just stated as they promise, let your skin experience timesless beauty, when you know how to love and to be loved.

Madonna Lily extract, is used in this collection has an excellent moisturising and regenerating properties to hydrate, sooth and soften skin (like Lauren, perhaps). Whole collection comes in different ranges to suit individual need: Normal to combination skin, oily skin, dry & sensitive skin and aging & sun damage skin. Each range comprises of Gentle Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser. All of them are very ORGANIC because they are PARABEN-FREE, MINETRAL OIL FREE, SLS-FREE, LANOLIN-FREE and FRAGRANCE FREE. Hence all scent are purely from essensial oil, great to know our skin is safe with Mon Cheri.
Mon Chéri Group Shot 1

Cleanse, tone and moisturise are the three basic fundamentals of proper skincare, if you want to have glowing healthy skin.

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_05 queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_06We have a very young entrepreneur Caroline Oi, CEO of Mon Cheri Essentials (left) and super hot mom Serena C (her baby just 5 months old) #icantbelieveit

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_10This young lady is just 30 years old, already achieved her dream by creating a successful beauty brand Mon Cheri Essentials. Her skin is FLAWLESS when I looking her close up, no joke. Me and Caroline Oi.

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_09  Mon Chéri Launch -10Launching was perfectly ended up with high tea, the sweet tooth proved that desserts were good, worth for a 3 hours run to burn calories off. Brick-like peanut butter cake was displayed randomly on table, I silly-silly ask if they are food. Waiter answered YES YOU CAN HAVE IT BUT DON’T EAT THE STONES! #lmfao

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_07My skin type change after birth of Lauren, hormone the main reason of women trouble. Thus I have my full OILY SKIN range of Mon Cheri Le Fleur de Lis in my goodies bag, THANK YOU again! Seriously I just can’t wait to try it out…


queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_11Love x100 when looking at the box, so French!

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_12When you open up the box, you will see this first…

queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_13Three cylinder boxes in the box, cute! love x 1000
queenie_chamber_mon_cheri_14Super excited, can’t wait to buka unwrap them all!

Our senses never lie. Out of our five senses see, smell, touch, hear & taste, Mon Cheri Essentials white Lily Skin care give me three, at least. Look at their cuteness overloaded packaging, I bet all GIRLS probably might fall in love when you see it. I woudn’t want to throw them away for sure after finish using products. The box are just perfect to store up my tiny little things. Open up the cap smell the essential, I am fully in love again, with its soothing essentials oil

If you are headache what to shop for your gf/bff/sista/wifey/aunty/gradma for coming Christmas, trust me Mon Cheri will do a great job for you. You don’t even need to waste money to get an extra box to wrap it. Your woman will thank you so much as WOMEN ARE MADE TO BE LOVED, I have to say that! So, spoil your love one with 180ml Gentle Cleanser (RM80), 180ml Toner (RM96) & 50ml Moisturiser (RM125) or grab the full LILY COLLECTION SET (RM280) which is same as mine. Shop them here.

Please check Mon Cheri Essentials official site for more information, and also follow for the latest news.