20140516_192637Please allow me to ask a question: What do you see in pix above?
Some of you may answer hand cream but I see hand cream with love.

20140516_192330And woman, please tell me who doesn’t love perfume?
This isn’t an ordinary fragrant but dreams provide the power to overcome obstacles and transformation today into a beautiful future.


One plus one unnecessary equal to two. The power of a hand cream plus a bottle of perfume is infinity. For more than 50 years Mary Kay  has been committed to enriching the lives of women and children globally. When you purchase the limited edition BEAUTY THAT COUNTS from today (16th May 2014), part of the proceeds from each sale of the fragrance will be donated to Pusat Kebajikan HOPE Worldwide Kuala Lumpur. Okay you may ask what are they using my money to do? HOPE Worldwide KL will use the fund help in Food Distribution Program, provides nutritious lunch box to children for more than 100 families in Klang Valley. Look back BEAUTY THAT COUNTS began six years ago, Mary Kay has donated almost $7 million (USD) to organizations benefiting women and children all around the world. Please watch the Journey of Dreams video below to introduce BEAUTY THAT COUNTS:

If you complaint your life sucks, but there are tons of unfortunate out there waiting for a helping hand. So stop being negative, purchase a set of BEAUTY THAT COUNTS. You smell good from inside out because of your generous, those kids get some yummy lunch box where their family can’t afford to. Your beauty is definitely more than skin deep.

20140516_192558a We should feel blessed, at least we have ability to help. BEAUTY THAT COUNTS for a better and brighter future.

20140516_195617Me and Lauren, thanks for your kindness in advance.
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