Seasonal Greeting: Share some love in Christmas 2013


I ain’t Christian but Christmas definitely one of my favor festival season in a year. Life is about to give and to take. I am always thankful when I still have ability to give, appreciate whatever I get. Pick the right present for the one you care, to tell them how much you care of them. Christmas, no doubt perfect timing without any excuse.

Life-Is-Full-Of-Give-Take-Free-Gratitude-Printables-from-FrugalBeautiful.com_Frugal Beautiful

20131221_173319Baby pony in my bump, the best gift in my life; Pony to Celebrate, the first present for her.

20131223_133855Earlier before Christmas, XES Shoes had a Christmas party for bloggers in town. Everyone have their own two choices of any shoes in store.

Untitled-1Here are my practical choices, very comfy XES flats. I hardly wear heels during pregnancy and I think these would be the best options for the now me.

20131223_135553Flats wrapped, Merry Christmas!20131223_135721

20131223_134555I picked the pink one for coming CNY, they have alternate colors for chosen too.

20131223_134604Bow, girly stuff

20131223_133918Well they have lots of option for your feet. Please visit XES nearest store for your own stylish footwear.

20131223_141032Thanks again XES

IMG_20131219_170920I have calling a Christmas charity donation during last post, and million thanks for all kind hearts who sent over those fabulous toys in pix above.

20131224_201703Together with my own set of 11 pieces Pony to Celebrate, Queenie Chamber has gained 166 Christmas presents for orphans. 150 of them was sent to Pusat Penjagaan Kanak Kanak Cacat Taman Megah however 16 of them sent to Shelter Home for Children.

20131225_155347I under estimated feedback from my reader friends, luckily there are extra helping hands from Simplylife Yoga to complete the wrapping mission in 1 day. All pressies were beautifully wrapped before sent out.

Happiness doesn’t cost a lot sometimes. Queenie Chamber wish everyone enjoy the joyful season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!