Event: Hamleys has arrived Kuala Lumpur!

20131129_153350I have attended pre launch event this noon that made me exciting till now! I have no idea is it about hormone inner me make me exaggerate about toys or the name of Hamleys is too loud since childhood era. The oldest toy store in the world, about 250 years old finest toy shop finally marking its first landmark in South East Asia at our nearby shopping mall One Utama Shopping Centre. Okay, let me shout again: The most iconic British toy store Hamleys will open the first flagship store in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the 30th November, that’s tomorrow! Please enjoy the happening moment from this noon during Hamleys Kuala Lumpur pre opening…

20131129_161355Me & famous Hamleys Bear.

20131129_153847Some media friends said I have been disappear for some time, no worries girls I am still good here, so does my little pony in my bump. :)

Hamleys, me and Hattie!!!
Pony’s so exciting in my bump, she just can’t stop kicking me lol…

20131129_173952Door gift is right at the moment, pony just receive the first ever Barbie in her life before she born, and some gift voucher that me n hubby will be back Hamleys to selected some wonderful toy for pony girl soon.

Dear all, allow me to say again that Hamleys will be officially opened by tomorrow at One Utama Shopping Centre! I think Hamleys definitely a wonderful place to select some fine quality toys as Christmas gift for little one. Please like Hamleys Malaysia fb page for more information.

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