I couldn’t deny color fashion lenses is part of the OOTD nowadays. Today, the third day wearing Macttalic Italian fashion lenses which received last week. Normally I only purchase trusted brand from trusted optical store, we only have two precious eyes in our life okay. Since this Macttalic contact lenses stated clearly exclusive from Focus Point, so why don’t I give it a try. And yes, I felt pretty comfy in Macttalic. Now lets unbox the Macttalic…

Untitled-1Macttalic is a monthly disposable lenses. Two pieces of 14.5mm colors lenses in a very stylish black elegance protective case, together with instruction notes. Up to 5 vibrant colors for chosen, effortlessly give you bigger eyes.  Extra function such as UV protection to keep your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Okay now let my eyes do the talking…

20131119_125412b I am in grey color lenses. Look at the difference of indoor & outdoor light, both looks natural and easy matching with most of my daily outfit.


Good news to all Queenie Chamber’s readers, two pairs of Macttalic will be sponsoring a giveaway. Just follow steps below:

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    ( Please include your name & email, winner will be contacted on 31st December 2013. )

Basic CMYK*Macttalic is exclusively available in Focus Point ONLY.


If you are Hello Kitty fans, now you can get a free premium Hello Kitty Eau Detoilette (5ml) by buying 2 boxes of Macttalic. Catch your favor color on the following date:
Red color collection
25 Nov-1 Dec 2013
Blue color collection
2-8 Dec 2013
Purple color collection
9-15 Dec 2013
Pink color collection
23-31 Dec 2013