Life Event: A New Chapter of Life ” Yes, I’m Pregnant!”


Having a fourteen years long relation with my another half, finally we decided to have our first kid now. I have been given lots of freedom at my 20s and now is time to moving forward to another chapter. I ain’t young no more, em… for age of 32 isn’t pretty late to have my first baby. I felt so grateful having a new life in my belly now.

Life is about to give and take. Been listening lots of moaning from bff around, having a kids a huge commitment. Losing freedom, losing own time, losing shape bla bla bla never stop me felt a wistful longing for a child. Some of my friends might notice and ask me: Hey you have been less active in public event for a while Queenie! Yes, I was suffering in morning sickness at early stage of pregnant, and I couldn’t eat much. Rest is the main key of daily life, and also I gotta say no to all kind of sponsored invitation…

drx lipo

No alcohol (omg, I can’t imagine I vomit when I smell my favor Guinness now!), no smoking ( em, I don’t smoke anyway), less chemicals applied on me. Nowadays you might see me grocer shopping nearby house area with bare face. My another half turned in to alarm when clock hits 11pm at night keep repeating: Go bed now! Don’t ever thinking about browsing fb or try to comment, or else I’ll receive some kind of msg instruct me: Wei go sleep now lor! Thanks for all your love. :)

Based on Chinese zodiac next year is a horse year, I’m so excited now can’t wait to see my little pony around March 2014. No matter boy or girl, he/she definitely a little pony to celebrate in my life…

pegasus 1