I received a set of three pieces Kji & Co. Lip Spa recently, I gotta tell you all previous lip gloss are almost in the bin right now. You might have no idea how great the result it shown unless you try them by yourself. I have share it with my room mate during my Sabah trip, this Lip Spa cured her cracked lips immediately. Results proven!  Okay, now please take a closer look of pix below (images wasn’t edited in color and textures):


Pic 1: My naked lips, before applied anything, looked pale and cracked.

Pic 2: I have applied Lip Tattoo 1, natural pinkish color shown immediately. Waited until first layer dry, I applied Anti Age Lip 2, my lips felt soothing and moist.

Pic 3: Feel cooling after applied Lip Masque Treatment. It contains active ingredients such as crushed white tea tree trunk to slough away my ugly dead cells, and peppermint extract for cooling and shea butter to condition, nourish and smoothen lips. 

The effect of Lip Spa pretty long last, I can just walk out the door like that for casual day. It can be a great foundation if needed to put on any lipstick. This is the world first semi permanent lip color made in USA, it is safe to use during pregnancy. And oh ya, it is lead free too. 24 Hour Lip Spa retailed for RM148 only, please click here if you want to own a set too! :)