Agree or not Malaysia weather is going crazy these years, we are all here trapped in the heat spell. We definitely need some breathable outfits in daily life. Thank god Uniqlo had launched AIRism, a revolutionary innerwear. AIRism change my perception of innerwear, and I don’t really treat it as inner piece because I just wear it like that at home. Who cares? It just me n hubby around in the house! :P The fact is I don’t even feel like wearing anything when I’m living in AIRism. *Forgive my bareface, I just do not make up at home.

I want to emphasize the cool touch, very silky smooth as AIRism is built with ultra-fine fibers. It has heat release, moisture absorption and release. That’s the reason I stay cool and comfortably at home even without air-cond on. And again, thanks Uniqlo sent me this awesome innovation! Please check Uniqlo official website for more information. Stay cool!

1001328_10151544359124217_367182248_nTimes flies! I can’t believe it’s already one year from Uniqlook Style Search Contest.
I had so much fun and miss them so much! :)