Special Intro: Ellie Norman with her My Apparel Zoo

1A young lady who has been stayed over seven different countries (Canada, Spain, Thailand, Beijing, Jakarta, UK and Malaysia) before her age of 23, has definitely given her a unique and creative insight to the world of fashion. Compare with most of same age girls include me, Ellie Norman has wide vision in fashion industry which difference with others. Or I should said, very understandable and mature. Graduate from business psychology, Ellie persuade her dad with complete business plan of online boutique. Compare to other country like British, online business has reached a mature level where Malaysia hasn’t. Which means there are a huge space for development. Plus, she able to take the balance of commercial and artistic, hence the born of fabulous fashion brand My Apparel Zoo.

Instead of  saying My Apparel Zoo is a fashion brand, Ellie clarifies that would more like a community. Other than her own designs, Ellis will handpick some unique quality pieces from Korea and Hong Kong. My Apparel Zoo will not follow latest trend blindly, Ellie wish to set their own trend with their signature print.


Why called My Apparel Zoo?
Ellie Norman was initially thinking of using her name Ellie E as the label, but she finds out that wasn’t catchy enough.  End up she came out with My Apparel Zoo which defined zoo as the variety of options for all ladies to choose their dresses.

What is the strength of My Apparel Zoo? 
Ellie Norman has kind of high fashion taste, hence all wearable pieces are produced in high quality. So does their official web, where provides high definition shopping experience to their client.

Who will love My Apparel Zoo?
If you love pop art and loud prints, you may love it very much! Trust me.

My Apparel Zoo online boutique is available from 1st June 2013, which their showroom is planning at end of the year. Please support very talented young girl Ellie by like My Apparel Zoo page and follow her @myapparelzoo

IMG_1971Me n Ellie’s pic during media preview.